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Construction electricity organization and management measures

1. Electricity management regulations

(1) establish a technical disclosure system. The electrical engineer introduces the general intention, technical content and precautions of temporary electricity organization design and safety technical measures to professional electricians and all kinds of electricity users, and shall perform the signing procedures of disclosure and the person to be disclosed in the text of technical disclosure, indicating the date of disclosure

(2) establish a safety inspection system and inspect the temporary power utilization projects twice a month. And make inspection records, mainly including grounding resistance value, insulation resistance value of electrical equipment, leakage protection action parameters, etc

(3) establish electrical maintenance system, strengthen daily regular maintenance work, timely find and eliminate hidden dangers, and establish maintenance work records

(4) establish an electrical demolition system. After the completion of the project, the demolition of temporary electricity should be organized and directed uniformly, and the demolition time, personnel, procedures, methods, precautions and protective measures must be specified

(5) establish a safe and then power system. For the operation of various parts of temporary power consumption, the maintenance is divided into pieces, blocks, and power boxes. The equipment extension is implemented to the head, and necessary rewards and punishments are assisted

2. Regulations on maintenance and management of power distribution devices

(1) two people must be present during maintenance, one for maintenance and one for supervision. The wiring of the original power distribution device shall not be changed at will, and the original electricity shall not be removed at will

(2) maintenance personnel must be professional electricians who are familiar with power distribution devices, use insulating tools and wear labor protection appliances

(3) the replacement of electrical components must be consistent with the original specifications, and unqualified substitutes are prohibited. If the conditions are limited, the replacement of electrical components must be approved by the electrical foreman

(4) after maintenance, disconnect from the power distribution device, and then switch on and power on step by step from the power side. After confirming that the power is connected with the electroscope, conduct the power on test at the lower level, and then remove the upper level power supply and the power failure sign hanging on the switch

3. Electrician operation procedures

(1) all insulation and inspection tools should be properly kept, strictly prohibited from other uses, and should be regularly checked and verified through the development process from imitation to self renovation

(2) high and low voltage equipment and lines for on-site construction shall be installed and erected in accordance with the construction design and relevant electrical safety technical regulations

(3) it is forbidden to connect or cut off power with load on the line, and live operation is forbidden

(4) the molten solder, tin blocks and tools should be dry to prevent splashing

(5) the blowtorch shall not leak, leak oil or be blocked. It shall not be ignited and used in flammable and explosive places. After work, it shall be extinguished and deflated

(6) when preparing epoxy resin and asphalt cable glue, the operation place should be well ventilated and protective articles must be worn

(7) tin welding containers shall not be used to contain thermoelectric cable glue. When pouring columns at high altitude, no one is allowed below

(8) if someone gets an electric shock, immediately cut off the power supply and give first aid; In case of electrical fire, the relevant power supply should be cut off immediately. If it is too late to cut off the power, non-conductive ones should be used. Therefore, at this time, we should even contact the manufacturer with fire extinguishing agents such as carbon dioxide, 1211, dry powder and carbon tetrachloride or dry sand to extinguish the fire

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