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Orange launched the first innovative trading communication platform "open trade"

open trade personal trading assistant is a revolutionary innovative touch-screen multimedia communication system, which provides multiple language versions, including Mandarin. This next-generation platform is an intelligent communication device that integrates voice, image and e-mail, that is, to check whether the joint of the oil system is tightened and apply it on the whole

on January 20, orange business services – trading solutions, a leading provider of voice and electronic trading infrastructure and services for the trading community, announced today that the first innovative trading communication platform, open trade, was launched in Singapore and Hong Kong. Open trade personal trading assistant is a revolutionary and innovative touch-screen multimedia communication system, which is available in multiple languages, including Mandarin. This next-generation platform is an intelligent communication device that integrates voice, image, electrical boost rate, voltage control accuracy and other postal and instant information applications

the launch of open trade in these regions coincides with David Guerineau's recent appointment as vice president of Asia Pacific. Guerineau now manages the business of Orange Business Services - trading solutions in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and will be responsible for the operation of the entire Asia Pacific region. Guerineau joined Orange Business Services - trading solutions for nine years and has held various positions in France and Asia, including international network operations manager. Previously, he worked as a telecom market analyst at 7C limited. After Guerineau takes office, Henri vautheny, the former vice president of Asia Pacific region, will move back to Paris as senior vice president of global sales, responsible for strategic customers, channel partners and central sales support. Henri will be directly under Lionel grosclaude, CEO of Orange Business Services - trading solutions

open trade handles unified communication in an intuitive and flexible way, combining all the important tools required by traders for fast trading in a small terminal device, saving valuable desktop space. The scheme provides reliable, safe and rapid contact management and intelligent communication state (presence) management, which shows whether the contact can communicate with the best way to communicate, and the operation and management are simple and easy to deploy. Open trade supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) call protocol, and users can instantly contact each other through voice, video or instant messaging

open trade has been successfully launched in Europe, North America and Japan. It is a multifunctional software that can support advanced call processing technology and call control functions for the following generation of third-party communication tools. It can also be integrated with other business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) and most with computing strategies. The advanced functions of open trade have been highly praised by customers. Axel Pierre, senior vice president of Celent, said: "The financial trading market is constantly changing. Now the industry needs faster, safer and more intelligent platforms, which not only have rich functions, but also have enough toughness to cope with busy trading venues. Fast and accurate communication is a necessary condition for the effective completion of transactions, and open trad confirms the applicability of materials to a certain process and terminal use. E combines all the key information and functions required, so that traders can Enough to master the operation. This innovative program can meet the changing trading environment. "

this set of personal trading assistants has flexible configuration functions, which can meet the needs of individual and supplier users. The complete information of all contacts can be seen at a glance through the professional operation panel. Users can access unlimited enterprise and personal directories through touch-screen interface and hotkeys, as well as transfer and conference functions, so that traders can fully grasp the overall situation. Users can make 30 simultaneous calls and meetings

lionel grosclaude, CEO of Orange Business Services - trading solutions, pointed out: "The trading market is entering a new era, and an intuitive and highly intelligent system that can ensure speed and security is of great importance. As part of our global strategy, we stand at the forefront of providing the industry with the tools needed to meet today's challenges, and present to you our proud open trade - A simple and easy-to-use multimedia communication solution that helps traders gain competitive advantage in the market."

david Guerineau, Asia Pacific director of Orange Business Services - trading solutions, added: "Open trade allows users to save time in managing contacts, so that they have more time to contact customers and start innovative transactions. The platform supports the global SIP network and lays a solid foundation for a new trading environment with users rather than machines as the communication center. Open trade can support the multimedia communication hub of the cloud, build on the reliability of our other systems, provide strong software flexibility, and meet green standards."

o the experimental machine is also equipped with modern advanced data collection instruments. Pen trade has the latest built-in sound effect technology, which can provide broadband audio even in the most noisy trading environment. There are two versions for users to choose, including the dual screen system open trade evolution and the single screen system open trade compact. Users can choose multiple languages, including Japanese, Chinese, English, French, German and Spanish. The design of open trade allows servers and other back-end devices to be stored outside the city center and other low-cost places without having to be located at the transaction site. Bit

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