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New year's new weather orders doubled: Sany workshop was very busy

New Year's new weather orders doubled: Sany workshop was very busy

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since the spring of this year, the company's sales orders have come one after another, and the market demand is gratifying. In order to meet customers' order needs, workers worked overtime to catch up with the progress, and the workshop was busy. Today, we walked into Sany's production workshop and felt the positive signal from the production line

road machine production line: workers "work in large shifts", orders double

entering Sany No. 18 workshop, steel splashes and machine tools roar, a hot production scene. The sweating road mechanics waved their instruments and operated all kinds of machinery with great concentration

since the beginning of this year, the orders of Sany road machine equipment have been continuous, and the production has been particularly busy. Due to the aggravation of production tasks, many people consciously give up their rest time and take the initiative to start the 12 hour "big shift" operation. Wang Miao, an assembler of the flatland unit assembly line, said: "the enterprise is developing in a good direction, and everyone's production momentum is obviously more sufficient."

the order of road machine doubled, and the assembler Zhou Wanhua looked quite happy.

Zhou Wanhua, who has 18 years of working experience, said while adjusting the workpiece skillfully: "who doesn't want to rest more, but there are so many orders in the factory, everyone can't stay!"

behind the rising enthusiasm of enterprise employees for production is the gratifying change of strong growth of the enterprise. According to reports, in January this year, orders for Sany road motor and grader soared, doubling over the same period last year. "Busy production means that our equipment sales are good and the enterprise benefits are good. Only when the enterprise benefits are good, our employees can live well." Yang Xuewen, an assembler who is pre assembling the equipment, said with pride on his face. He said that he has been full of confidence in Sany for 16 years here

pump truck production line: the production is in a hurry, and the workers are busy.

at 12:00 noon, during the lunch break of the workshop, but the electrician Tao Yonghua is still busy in front of a towing pump, and he doesn't seem to have the slightest intention of going to dinner

"we are all in a hurry now. We are too busy to take a rest." This old employee who has worked in Sany for 12 years said, "the workload has increased significantly during this period, and it will be really hard."

the sales of pumping equipment picked up. At the meal point, electrician Tao Yonghua is still stepping up his work

the sales of pumping equipment have rebounded. At the meal point, electrician Tao Yonghua is still stepping up his work

in the past few years, Sany has paid close attention to the "de Stocking" work, with remarkable results, and the wall is prone to cracking. With the recovery of the market, the sales volume of pumping equipment gradually rebounded. In order to ensure supply, the pumping business department reasonably arranges production according to the order requirements, and also prepares goods appropriately. Although the production task is heavier, the workers are in high spirits because the "good day" they say is coming

at the production site, there is no obvious sign of increasing manpower. In his congratulatory message, President Xi Jinping spoke highly of the important role played by the African Union in the development of Africa, the integration process and international and regional affairs. In Tao Yonghua's view, this is mainly due to the highly intelligent and information-based production line and the continuous improvement of technological processes. He said proudly, "although there are few people in our production line, there are many machines, enough energy and high output."

Hong Kong Machinery production line: the production task in the first half of the year is full

the first half of the year is often the "off-season" of Hong Kong Machinery production, but this year the situation is obviously different. In the Hong Kong machinery workshop, all machine tools are running at high intensity, workers are busy at their respective posts, workpieces flow from one process to the next on the assembly line, and the production line is full of a prosperous production scene everywhere

the order of Hong Kong Machinery has been scheduled for the second half of the year, and the monitor Liang Jianguo grabs the production task

"here is the equipment sold to Malaysia, here is the equipment sold to Thailand, and the equipment sold to the Philippines is about to start!" Liang, the monitor who is grabbing the production task, has a look at how we should buy pressure testing machines, Jianguo said. It is understood that since the beginning of this year, orders at home and abroad have been pouring in, and production orders have been scheduled for the second half of the year. Almost all production lines of Hong Kong machinery are full production; Because Zhuhai is too busy to win, some orders have been transferred to Changsha for production and full supply guarantee. Liang Jianguo believes that a good start also indicates that 2017 will be a bumper harvest year

in order to seize new opportunities and achieve the production target of the first quarter as soon as possible, the Hong Kong Machinery production line currently implements a three shift system. In addition, with the customs clearance of Zhuhai Sany port, the delivery of port machinery is also more smooth

excavator production line: the customer came to the workshop to urge

the assembly workshop of the manufacturing department of the small excavation company. Zhu Wei, the leader of the assembly team in front of the main valve station, and his colleagues were busy. The workshop was full of parts waiting to be assembled. At present, the single day production task of Zhu Wei's team alone has reached 70 units. Even with this production intensity, it still cannot keep up with the speed of sales

Sany excavators are selling well all the way, and workers in Kunshan are busy producing biodegradable shopping bags, lunch boxes and other products.

now, the sales situation of Sany excavators across the country can be described in two words - "out of stock". "The leaders urged production, the managers urged delivery, and some customers in Jiangsu even came directly to the workshop to see the equipment reminder." Yang Shaoyong, deputy manager of the assembly department, said that the market is hot. In order to ensure supply, the workers in the factory have been busy recently

it is understood that the domestic sales of Sany excavators reached 13000 last year, and it is also the only enterprise in the industry with a sales volume of more than 10000. It seems that this year's excavator sales have also continued a good momentum. The overall market situation is "better than better", and sany excavator products are selling well all the way

the construction machinery industry has recovered, and the leading enterprises have the most obvious advantages. According to the data of the association, the sales growth rate of the excavator industry in February is expected to exceed the previous market doubling expectations, and Le watch may reach a growth of 200% - 250%. The sales volume of the industry is expected to exceed 10000 units per month, with a strong recovery momentum. Judging from the "busy degree" of Sany's production lines and dealers since this year, in 2017, Sany's product sales are expected to hit a five-year high, from "a good start" to "a year-round success"

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