The hottest LLDPE futures are still facing downwar

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LLDPE futures are still facing downward pressure in the future. Bamboo fiber reinforced composites have good properties such as light weight, high strength and high stiffness. First, Market Review

LLDPE futures fluctuated downward this week. The main contract l1009 opened at 9415, with an intraday high of 9530 and a low of 9115. It closed at 9180, down 215 points, or 2.29%. The trading volume increased by 519000 hands to 4.625 million hands, and the position increased by 2714 hands to 213000 hands

II. Market analysis

1. International crude oil

international crude oil fluctuated at a high and narrow range this week. This is the case with dfdo Chemical Co., Ltd. which will be released this week. Traders tend to be cautious before a series of important economic data and corporate earnings reports of an enterprise, and international crude oil weakened slightly on Monday. On Tuesday, the International Energy Agency raised its world oil demand forecast, and the strong start of the second quarter performance report of U.S. listed companies pushed U.S. stocks higher, and oil prices rose sharply, up nearly 3%. Subsequently, the data of the US energy information administration showed that crude oil played an important role in the packaging field, inventories fell sharply, and the international oil price rose to the highest level in two weeks. However, the Federal Reserve believed that the weak job market would inhibit economic growth, and lowered its expectations for the economic growth of the United States in 2010. Affected by this, the US stock market fell intraday, driving the oil price to rise and fall again. The producer price index released by the United States fell for three consecutive months, the growth of U.S. industrial output was less than expected, the manufacturing activity in the Central Atlantic region of the United States unexpectedly fell, and the U.S. CPI fell by 0.1% in June. This series of economic data triggered more concerns that the economic recovery was slowing down. The U.S. stock market fell continuously, and the international oil price also lost its momentum to support, falling to $76. The hurricane peak season may lead to a reduction in crude oil production or supply disruption in the Gulf of Mexico, or push up oil prices. However, concerns about the slowdown in the pace of global economic recovery have dragged down the financial market, and the high inventory level of crude oil has also limited the rise of oil prices. It is expected that international crude oil will remain volatile in the region in the future

the chart is the trend chart. (picture source: CSC futures)

U.S. crude oil inventory (unit: 10000 barrels)

the chart shows the trend of U.S. crude oil inventory. (picture source: CSC futures)

gasoline inventory in the United States (unit: 10000 barrels)

the figure shows the trend of gasoline inventory in the United States. (image source: CSC futures)

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