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[LLDPE] the peripheral market dragged down the LLDPE market transaction downturn

I. market overview

today, the LLDPE market price is relatively stable, and most merchants ship normally to seek a deal. Recently, the ex factory price of petrochemicals has been stable. Compared with the advantages of traditional methods, the cost of merchants is supported by it, and they mostly insist on reporting stability. At present, the downstream factories mainly purchase at will, with low demand, and the market is unlikely to improve

II. Overview of the upstream market

US crude oil futures closed up $0.35, or 0.37%, at $93.88/barrel on Monday. The slight rise in oil prices has provided a certain positive support for the market mentality. Downstream buying is still not booming, and the aftermarket continues to be under pressure

on Monday, the ethylene market in Asia was weak in a narrow range, and CFR Northeast Asia/Southeast Asia closed at 1148 5 dollars/ton and 1089 US $5/ton, slightly down 0.5% from last weekend USD/ton. The spot trading atmosphere was cold, and the inertia of the floor at the beginning of the week was mainly wait-and-see. The terminal demand continued to be sluggish and difficult to recover, and the spot market was intertwined with long and short

III. local market conditions

today's LLDPE quotation was stable and slightly lower. Many merchants follow the market, terminal inquiries are cold, and transactions are few

Chongqing data shows that the PE market price has not changed much, with less linear goods and slightly higher prices. Today, the ex factory price of petrochemicals is stable, the futures market is stable at the opening, and merchants have no too much speculation intention

the LLDPE quotation in the Central Plains market fell slightly. The slightly higher opening of linear futures has given the market some support. Our software protection upgrade and support (me & S) agreement makes it easy to keep pace with the rapidly changing software technology. We are cautious, actively sell at a profit, and seek a deal. There are few downstream inquiries, and the deal is weak

the PE market quotation of Tianjin port is basically stable. After the overnight crude oil rose slightly and the futures opened higher, the market confidence was insufficient. The supply of goods in the market is general, and most businesses operate with low inventory. Terminal inquiries are cold, and transactions are negotiated

IV. the latest quotation

1 Petrochemicals quotation

PetroChina northwest LLDPE factory price is stable and sales are average. Lanzhou Petrochemical 7042 is priced at 9350 yuan/ton, and the tool box n at the lower right of Lanzhou Petrochemical 7042 is listed at 9300 yuan/ton

Sinopec sells North China LLDPE with stable ex factory price and general inventory. Qilu Petrochemical 7042 was quoted at 9750 yuan/ton, and Zhongyuan Petrochemical 7050 was quoted at 9550 yuan/ton

Sinopec sells central China LLDPE with stable ex factory price and general inventory. Maoming Petrochemical 7042 was quoted at 9450 yuan/ton, and Zhenhai ethylene 7042 was quoted at 9450 yuan/ton

2. Mall quotation

as of 15:00, the rise and fall of some brands of China Plastics spot LLDPE were mixed, with a range of yuan/ton. Among them, 218w/sabic Saudi Arabia lowest reported 9400 yuan/ton (down 200), dfda-7042/Jilin Petrochemical lowest reported 9050 yuan/ton (up 50), dfda-7042/Zhenhai Refining and chemical lowest reported 10000 yuan/ton (up 600), ll0220kj/Shanghai Secco lowest reported 9050 yuan/ton (down 150)

v. future forecast

the situation in North Korea dragged down the volatility of the Asia Pacific stock market. Guided by the news of the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, the Asia Pacific stock market generally fell, once driving the A-share all the way down. Experts believe that the sudden death of Kim Jong Il mainly has a certain impact on the domestic and surrounding situation in North Korea, and the impact on the Asia Pacific stock market may be only a short-term behavior. In addition, data released by the central bank on the 19th showed that China's foreign exchange holdings decreased by 27.9 billion yuan in November. This is the second consecutive month of negative growth in China's foreign exchange after negative growth in October. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the shrinking share of foreign exchange, the rising cash demand of enterprises caused by the Spring Festival, and the large demand for payment collection by enterprises at the end of the year are superimposed. Therefore, in the case of unfavorable peripheral forms, the weakness of the short-term market is difficult to change, or it is still dominated by narrow fluctuations

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