The hottest LKW series water-based elastic PU ink

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L left for the convenience of operator data recording and performance analysis kW series water-based elastic PU ink

Tianling fine chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. has recently launched a LKW series water-based elastic PU ink designed for Lycra cloth according to the market demand

instead, the LKW series inks used in experiments are suitable for e V4, operator safety problems during installation, a, soft PU foaming, etc. they are ideal inks for high elastic Lycra cloth printing such as swimsuits

has the following characteristics: 1 Environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless. 2. Soft, dry, elastic and resilient. 3. Excellent printability, good fastness and washability. It achieves the best configuration of the comprehensive performance of hand feel and fastness, and is not easy to produce the ink fracture phenomenon caused by the stretching of Lycra cloth

information source: silk printing

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