The hottest LLDPE weekly review is about to rush,

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[LLDPE weekly review] it is hopeless to rush. It fell slightly during the flat walk.

I. Market Review (June 4-June 8)

after two weeks of strong upward movement, LLDPE warehouse receipts performed relatively tired this week. There was a slight decline in the continuous horizontal consolidation shock. There was a desire to rush in daily trading, but they were blocked at the 5-day moving average, and there was no hope to rush higher

on Monday, the LLDPE index changed its strong upward trend and reversed its downward trend. The sharp rise in crude oil still failed to give better support to LLDPE's warehouse receipts, closing the first negative line in nearly two weeks, which indicates the beginning of the stop rising and consolidation; Affected by this negative decline, on Tuesday, the LLDPE index opened nearly 10 points lower, and with the support of buyers, industries such as polyethylene and polypropylene will also enter a difficult period with the release of China's coal to olefin and the U.S. shale gas to olefin capacity. To the middle and rear, the horizontal shock will fall slightly; On Wednesday, at the beginning of the opening, it fluctuated slightly and opened low from 20% per gear;, The low level was supported and rose rapidly, but due to the promotion of some profit taking, the mid market formed a top and fell slightly; On Thursday, the LLDPE index jumped slightly and opened low, breaking the 10 day moving average downward. The trend of the previous session tended to rise, and stopped rising to the high in the middle session. It continued to fluctuate horizontally and narrowly, and the entity was still under pressure on the 5-day moving average; On Friday, the horizontal shock adjustment continued, and the daily trading range was relatively small, but the intraday volume could be increased, which continued to ensure the smooth printing and molding; At the same time, the technology swing index in the process of heat curing indicates that there is greater pressure for the short-term market to rise

in terms of data, the current linear warehouse receipt index is 1357.76 points, down 6.73 points from last Friday, and the main warehouse receipts are down about 64 points on average. The total turnover in a week is 16040 tons, the average daily turnover is 1125 tons higher than last week, and the order volume on Friday is 5430 tons, an increase of 500 tons from last Friday. The specific data are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

ll warehouse receipt average daily transaction (ton)

ll warehouse receipt total order quantity (ton)

current weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

current week

last week

increase and decrease

current weekend

last Friday

increase and decrease




75 ↓ because this type of damage is easy to appear in this kind of products




225 ↑



500 ↑




53 ↓

2 Comprehensive analysis:

on the weekly K-line chart of the index, this week's linear warehouse receipts received the first short negative line in nearly two months, and the lower shadow line was long. The buyer still had some support at the low level. On the daily K-line chart, there was a negative band with four positive, and there were signs of rising from Tuesday to Friday. However, due to the pressure of the seller, entities were under pressure below the 5-day moving average. In terms of technical indicators, the brin line moved up as a whole, and the opening changed little, The price line has always been in the middle track shock, the KDJ index reversed and fell, and rushed out of the overbought area on Friday. In the MACD index, the red column line gradually narrowed, the swing index fell steadily, and all technical indicators tend to fall in the short term, which is more likely. In terms of volume and energy, both volumes increased significantly this week, especially at the weekend, the differences between the two sides increased in the shock

on the news side, the international crude oil price this week is obviously positive, and Nigeria's oil supply may be interrupted again. According to the fact that all thousands of Turkish soldiers entered northern Iraq, which increased the market's concern about the situation in the Middle East and other reasons, the oil price rose step by step. At present, WTI crude oil is $66.93/barrel, up $2.92 from the same period last week, and Brent crude oil is up $3.18 to $71.22/barrel. In terms of spot goods, domestic linear prices still rose slightly, but due to the overall high market price, the amplification of effective demand has been restrained, and there are few high-level transactions. Downstream factories are still taking goods step by step, and high-level transactions are a little difficult

to sum up, due to the support of the high level of the upstream, the possibility of unilateral downward is unlikely, and it is expected that the possibility of high-level shock consolidation of China Plastics LLDPE warehouse receipts in the near future is greater

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