The hottest LLDPE and PVC ushered in a technical r

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LLDPE and PVC ushered in a technical rebound

affected by the resumption of crude oil at $70/barrel, LLDPE and PVC futures showed signs of local bottoming and rebound after the festival. Both are expected to continue the technical rebound trend in the short term

from the perspective of trend, the main contract of LLDPE opened high on Monday and closed at the positive line at the end of the day, up 1.74%; The opening price was 10160 points, the closing price was 10250 points, the trading volume increased to 97000 hands, and the daily position increased by 10952 hands; V1001, the main PVC contract, rose in volume, with an opening price of 6600 points and a closing price of 6770 points. The trading volume increased to 133000 hands. With the progress of society, 26754 positions were increased daily

in terms of fundamentals, petrochemical plants have slowed down the delivery speed and raised the listing price after the holiday. In order to detect the wear state of machine parts in operation, the ex factory price of LLDPE has risen to more than 10000 yuan/ton, and there are obvious signs of recovery in the spot market. Downstream manufacturers have shown an intention to cover positions in a small amount after the holiday, and local inquiries have gradually increased. It is expected that l1001 will continue the demand for technical rebound in the short term. Pay attention to the resistance level of 10500 points, Support position 10000 points; In terms of PVC, v1001 increased in large quantities after the main force changed months. The spot price of PVC is currently stable in the calcium carbide method, which has a certain support for the future price, but the fundamental demand for PVC is still relatively weak. In addition, the upstream ethylene has fallen below 800 US dollars/ton. It is expected that v1001 will maintain a weak overall pattern after the short-term technical rebound. Attention is paid to the resistance level of 7000 and the support level of 6500 since the reduction of desertification and desertification land area in China in 2004

in terms of upstream raw materials, Asian ethylene closed last Friday at USD/ton CFR Northeast Asia (down $20/ton) and USD/ton CFR Southeast Asia (down $90/ton). Over the weekend and today, the price of calcium carbide continued to decline. The average price of calcium carbide in northern China fell by 50 yuan/ton again, but the imbalance between supply and demand is still obvious. Calcium carbide manufacturers are under great pressure as a whole. Up to now, the home price of calcium carbide in PVC factories around the country is: 3050 yuan/ton of premium products in Tianjin; Shandong receiving price: yuan/ton; The premium calcium carbide in Tangshan, Hebei Province is 3050 yuan/ton, and the l/kg in Baoding, Hebei Province is 2970 yuan/ton; The receiving price in Henan is yuan/ton

after the "National Day" holiday, the overall trend of the domestic PVC market is still relatively flat, the market is in a low-level consolidation state, the quotation of production enterprises has not been greatly adjusted, there is not much supply in the hands of traders, product enterprises are not in a hurry to purchase, the market price in East and South China has not fluctuated significantly, the mainstream price of calcium carbide PVC five type material is about yuan/ton, ethylene method is about yuan/ton, and there is a relatively strong wait-and-see mood in the downstream, Due to weak confidence in the future market, product enterprises are more cautious in covering positions, and the market transaction atmosphere is light. Because the market has gradually entered the off-season of consumption, the purchase price of steel pipe scrap in Tianjin has been reduced by 40 yuan/ton; Guangxi Wuzhou Yongda scrap purchase price fell by 20 yuan/ton; Anhui Lixin special steel scrap purchase fell by 20 yuan/ton, and it is expected that the weak consolidation situation will continue, but the recent raw material prices are relatively strong, so under the pressure of high costs, the space for PVC market price adjustment is relatively limited

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