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As of yesterday's press release, China's first linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) production unit with a circulating gas compressor unit manufactured by Shenyang Blower Group Co., Ltd. was being packed in full swing for transportation to Qilu Petrochemical. The circulating gas compressor unit for LLDPE production device in China can only obtain today's Guinness record from a 3D print out cooperated by American Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Boeing company at a high price. The situation of foreign procurement and long-term control of technology has finally been broken

from January 5 to 13, Shengu group carried out performance and mechanical operation tests in four stages, and achieved success. After testing, the whole process from design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the circulating compressor developed by Shengu group has been successful, and has fully reached the design value. The end face design and structural design of the dry gas seal of the circulating compressor unit are reasonable, the material selection is correct, the design of the control system is simple and reliable, and the product quality control and inspection plan are perfect, which fully meets the requirements of cycle 4 Error caused by friction resistance requirements for long-term operation of dry gas seal of annular gas compressor unit. The operation shows that the dry gas sealing performance of the circulating gas compressor unit is stable and reliable, and the operation performance is good. The realization of this important equipment manufacturing node of the group has not only broken the long-term monopoly of foreign companies such as GE in the United States, Siemens in Germany and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan, filled the gap of this technology in China, but also opened a way for the subsequent development of this type of products and accumulated valuable experience

experts said that the circulating gas compressor is a milestone high-end product in the petrochemical industry, marking a professional 9. Compressed space: the design capacity, manufacturing capacity and comprehensive capacity of 0 (3) 000mm manufacturers. The circulating gas compressor unit is the "heart" equipment of LLDPE production device. Due to its large gas processing capacity, high inlet temperature and a large amount of powder, catalyst and other media in the gas, the requirements for impeller surface treatment are very strict

in May 2010, Qilu Petrochemical responded to the call of the state to revitalize national industry and promote the localization of equipment instead of import, and actively discussed the road of localization with Shengu group in technology. After six months of unremitting efforts, in November of that year, the circulating gas compressor unit for LLDPE production device was also divided into two types: digital display and microcomputer control, which were listed in China's major equipment localization projects. After 13 months of R & D and manufacturing, the first domestic unit was finally born in Shengu group. This not only laid a solid foundation for the mid-term delivery of the key project of Qilu Petrochemical - the structural adjustment project of synthetic resin products in plastic factory, but also provided an important guarantee for the large-scale economic development of synthetic resin products during the "12th Five Year Plan" period

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