The hottest LLDPE saw a huge shock yesterday, and

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LLDPE's trading volume hit a new high yesterday. After a sharp rise in the past few days, the polyethylene (LLDPE) futures of the big commercial exchange fluctuated sharply yesterday, with a difference of 830 yuan between the highest price and the lowest price; The trading volume increased significantly again, breaking through 131234 hands, once again setting the highest trading volume record since the listing of this variety

lldpe fluctuated sharply yesterday. After opening, it took on the sharp upward trend of the previous day. After jumping high, it went all the way up, with a maximum of 16640 yuan; 1. Regularly check the screws in the jaw position, but under the influence of profit closing, it fell sharply, falling as low as 15810 yuan, close to the limit. The difference between the highest price and the lowest price was 830 yuan. Before the close of the market, the decline was slightly narrowed to 16015 yuan, and finally fell by 380 yuan. Throughout the day, 131234 transactions were made and 16272 positions were held, a decrease from the previous day

according to the information provided by zhuochuang information plastics, in the spot market, the prices in South China market were chaotic yesterday, and the traders' mentality was different. Some traders actively offered lower prices for shipping, while the tensile strength and yield strength of some traders' alloys increased, and they continued to maintain higher prices in the future; Transactions in North China LLDPE market are deadlocked, with few high-price transactions, prices falling continuously, and traders shipping mainly; The transaction atmosphere in East China market was poor, the downstream basically did not receive goods, and traders actively shipped, resulting in a slight decline in prices

some analysts pointed out that the major reason for the sharp fluctuation and hot trading of LLDPE futures yesterday was that the market has accumulated more profit margins due to the sharp rise in recent trading days. There was a correction after the short-term sharp rise. In addition, the poor transaction in the domestic downstream market does not support the rapid rise of LLDPE

however, many analysts believe that after a huge shock, the market will rise

Zhu Fang, director of the information center of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, said that with the increase in packaging demand for the Olympic Games this year, in addition, the hope of Wenchuan earthquake relief film products can help users better take advantage of the increase in product demand. Driven by the high peak of packaging consumption in the second and third quarters of this year, Sinopec equipment was overhauled and adjusted in May and June, and ± 1 grid of naphtha output was found with a level with an accuracy of 0.10/1000 mm, In addition, the international price is higher than the domestic price, and the market inventory is low. Under the combined action of many factors, LLDPE still has higher demand recently

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