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Intelligent manufacturing three people talk: robots change the world

Xinhua Guangzhou, September 15 (Gao Li) - with the continuous deepening of China's industrial transformation and upgrading, as a representative of high-end intelligent manufacturing, the robot industry has shown a rapid growth trend in recent years. The large-scale application of industrial robots in production lines is leading a new round of manufacturing reform. At the same time, home robots and service robots are more and more widely used. How will robots affect the world in the future? How should China seize the commanding height of the robot industry in the fierce international competition? Recently, the China Israel robot and intelligent manufacturing project docking meeting and development strategy exchange meeting was held in Guangzhou. Peng Bing, general manager of Guangzhou Academy of Mechanical Sciences, ouyangquan, chairman of China Israel Robotics Research Institute, and Zhang Xi, deputy general manager of Guangzhou financial holding group, received an exclusive interview with Xinhua Guangdong channel during the meeting

Xinhua: under the background of the new round of industrial revolution, how is the robot industry affecting the global industrial pattern

PENG Bing: the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing is triggering far-reaching industrial changes, forming new production methods, industrial forms, business models and economic growth points. All countries are strengthening scientific and technological innovation, and promoting new breakthroughs in three-dimensional (3D) printing, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, bioengineering, new energy, new materials and other fields. Intelligent manufacturing such as intelligent equipment and intelligent factory based on information physical system is leading the transformation of manufacturing mode. The transformation, upgrading and innovative development of China's manufacturing industry usher in major opportunities

robots are becoming an entry point and an important growth point of the new industrial revolution, which will affect the global manufacturing pattern. Their R & D, manufacturing and application have become an important symbol to measure a country's scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level. In this field, developed countries have already begun to layout. In 2013, the United States formulated the robot development plan and road map, striving to consolidate its leading position in the robot field and provide support for the return of its manufacturing industry. The European Union launched the horizon 2020 research program with a total investment of 2.8 billion euros, which is the world's largest civil robot research program compared with traditional materials. With the accelerated transformation of manufacturing to intelligence, an intelligent industrial revolution has swept over. Germany proposed industry 4.0, the United States proposed the national strategic plan for advanced manufacturing, Britain proposed the "industry 2050 strategy", and Japan proposed the "white paper on Japanese manufacturing". On May 19, 2015, the State Council officially issued the action program made in China 2025 for the first decade of China's implementation of the manufacturing power strategy. Among them, intelligent manufacturing is one of the main directions. The core of intelligent manufacturing is the deep integration and integration of information technology, robot and equipment manufacturing process technology

ouyangquan: the past round of industrial revolution was mainly supported by the core technology of computer informatization. The United States basically has the say in the global industry. Among the world's largest Internet enterprises, there are basically no Germany, Japan and China. For this reason, Germany put forward the development strategy of industry 4.0, in which intelligent robot and intelligent manufacturing are the most core elements. Japan and South Korea have also put forward similar strategies

almost all major economic countries have formulated future industrial plans and development strategies with intelligent robots and intelligent manufacturing as the core industries. Whose foundation is more solid, whose application is more efficient, whose talent reserve is richer, who is more willing to share with more partners, who will get the final say

Xinhua: what is the practical significance of developing robots for China

PENG Bing: first, the innovative application of robot technology is conducive to promoting the rise of China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry; Secondly, the robot industry plays an important role in automated production, which will promote the transformation of China's industrial manufacturing industry from human intensive to automated production, improve production efficiency, and promote the transformation, upgrading and leapfrog development of China's manufacturing industry; Finally, the development of robot industry can improve the product quality of manufacturing industry and reduce safety production accidents. In addition, robots also include service robots. In the future, China's social population will be aging, the fertility rate will continue to decline, and the young and middle-aged labor force will be increasingly scarce. Baby care, caring for the elderly, and serving the family and society all need to be vigorously developed. The engineering and design specialists of Altair thinklabs will soon work with Eastman Chemical Company to respond to service robots

ouyangquan: aviation aluminum alloy has low density and good corrosion resistance. Under the background that China gradually loses the advantage of demographic dividend, the aging population is gradually increasing, and the existing industrial manufacturing is increasingly damaging to the environment, developing the intelligent robot industry and replacing artificial manufacturing with intelligent manufacturing will effectively solve or alleviate the above problems

the intelligent robot industry is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive industry. The development of the robot industry will drive the rapid development of related industries such as information technology, artificial intelligence, big data and so on, and will play a core driving role in economic growth

Zhang Xi: the introduction of industrial robots can benefit both ends of the enterprise's profit statement at the same time: improving production efficiency and product quality will lead to increased income, reducing labor costs will lead to reduced production costs, short project recovery cycle, and significant economic benefits. Once a company's local scale-up experiment: any section on the curve can be scaled up for regional analysis, and the effect is remarkable, it will force other enterprises in the industry to widely use the technology and production lines, so as to achieve the general improvement of industrial production efficiency. In fact, recently, some provinces and cities in China have also begun to promote the machine replacement program, which is also based on the above considerations. (end)

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