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"Intelligent manufacturing" is the inevitable way for the transformation of the traditional home soft decoration industry

intelligent future with the technological progress and consumption upgrading of plastics and modified plastics in China; Traditional home soft decoration industry; Industry information; Market conditions it is much more difficult for traditional industries to be smart factories than emerging industries such as automobile and 3C. The equipment procurement span of enterprises is long, the loss of skilled workers is serious, and the profit margin of traditional products is low. Although enterprises need to upgrade, they are often trapped in the pressure of funds. In 2015, the country put forward the concept of intelligent manufacturing to realize the transformation of China from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. In many traditional industries, when the wind of Internet + blows to the home furnishing industry, both international Internet giants and domestic home appliance enterprises have entered smart home with a high profile, facing the transformation from big to big and strong, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. It seems that for enterprises, only by daring to try and innovate and taking the route of intelligent manufacturing, can they survive in the cracks

how can smart home fly when standing at the air outlet

at present, the smart home market is still in its infancy, and the overall volume is small, but the future prospect is huge. According to the research and analysis report on the development trends and investment potential of China's smart home industry from 2013 to 2018 released by China industry information, the annual growth rate of China's smart home market was 20% from 2006 to 2011, and it is expected that the annual growth rate will reach about 25% from 2012 to 2020. At present, the intelligent manufacturing of home soft decoration industry is in the rising stage

smart manufacturing leads the upgrading of the home industry chain

under the guidance of programmatic policies such as made in China 2025 and Internet + and the further optimization of the economic structure driven by supply side reform, for example, Yude water phase closed main power supply and cold water main valve started the R & D and construction of smart factories at the call of the state, The industry takes the lead in introducing the intelligent flexible curtain production line, which can be said to be the only intelligent flexible curtain customized mass production line in the world. From the beginning of 2015 to 2018, in the whole four years, we investigated domestic and even foreign factories for customized mass production. According to the research results, there is no flexible curtain customized production line at home or abroad. When the concepts of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing were first put forward, Ru Yu de Shui began to work on this piece

the main core of smart factory is to use data to drive production and management. For example, all personalized customized curtains have been divided into 800 styles. Customers can choose any of these 800 styles, which can meet more than 90% of his intention of customized curtains. These 800 styles are transferred to our factory through data, and we split the curtain manufacturing process into 1500 processes. The curtain automatically flows. It will match the raw material basket to each worker very intelligently. What each worker should do, the curtain will be automatically imported into this link. At the same time, driven by the whole data, you can also know the progress of all orders, repair rate, and controlled delivery time, which all depend on this intelligent production line. In short, it includes: intelligent batching, intelligent mobilization, intelligent distribution, intelligent reading, intelligent matching, intelligent identification, to the final intelligent manufacturing, finalization, vertical process, intelligent inspection and packaging, etc. In the next two to three years, this line will have very high barriers, both domestically and internationally. And like a fish in water, it has been constantly iterating and upgrading to seek breakthroughs. On the other hand, this intelligent innovation can also be understood as that user demand forces manufacturing upgrading, and it is users that drive us to change

the era of effective human-machine cooperation and release of the maximum efficiency of intelligent equipment

industry 4.0 has come. With the continuous intelligent upgrading of enterprise machinery and equipment, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the quality of operators, that is, the demand for senior technical personnel and equipment maintenance personnel is increasing. Only with the effective cooperation between man and machine can the maximum efficiency of intelligent equipment be released. As a benchmark brand in the curtain industry, Ruyu Deshui in the home furnishing industry has been upgraded to an overall soft furnishing chain cooperation and key problem solving sales model, with a super strong soft furnishing front and back-end team, a mature product supply chain and an operation system of service terminals. The unique intelligent flexible production line greatly shortens the delivery cost, improves quality and provides customers with cost-effective products, laying a solid foundation for achieving scale leadership and total cost leadership

the wave of intelligent manufacturing has swept all corners of the world. In the home soft decoration industry, Ruyu Deshui is one of the earliest enterprises to start informatization. Ruyushui takes big data as the core driving force of intelligent manufacturing to create an intelligent information platform. Through the big data algorithm, the data of user information is deeply extracted to obtain effective information and labels, so as to better track users and put advertisements. At the same time, with industry-leading intelligent tools such as 3D design system, live photo system, automatic quotation system and OMS order system, we have achieved the promised delivery date of 15 days and the actual delivery date of 10.9 days, and become a leader in the industry

it can be seen that the intelligent manufacturing of Chinese enterprises has been praised on the development path. Ruyushui soft decoration products will also continue to develop and create more systematic and service-oriented intelligent manufacturing equipment or systems. Better improve resource utilization and lead the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in various industries in China

intelligent manufacturing is the inevitable route for the transformation of the traditional home soft decoration industry. China's electromechanical products trading (hereinafter referred to as machine trading) is sorted out and released. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source of the article. For more information about the electromechanical industry, please click attention: electromechanical information of China's electromechanical products trading

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