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Intelligent manufacturing leads the industry

Abstract: in Enshi Vidia group in Haicang District, Xiamen, Fujian, in the injection molding workshop without lights on, automatic robots are methodically producing intelligent toilet dampers. Whether the smart "arm" can reach 250 w/s is a key to move back and forth, as if with eyes, it is accurate and efficient to remove the bending center and connecting block

even if the light is turned off at night, the machine can still produce - such an unmanned production workshop is called "black light workshop". In Enshi Vidia group in Haicang District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, in the injection molding workshop without lights on, automatic robots are methodically producing intelligent toilet dampers. The smart encoder rotates for one circle, which is equivalent to: if the encoder is fixed on the lead screw, the "arm" moves back and forth rhythmically, as if it had eyes, it is accurate and efficient. "This unmanned, automated and information-based workshop is the secret weapon of our company's intelligent manufacturing." Group Chairman Li Feiyu introduced

"according to the government work report, the new momentum of rapid rise is reshaping the pattern of economic growth, profoundly changing the way of production and life, and becoming a new symbol of China's innovative development." Li Feiyu predicted that the development trend of the sanitary ware industry in 2003 must be intelligent and integrated. In his eyes, the future bathroom will become an integrated intelligent bathroom space system assembled by overall design and unified manufacturing, which can recognize users' voices and images and respond in time; It can record users' living habits and provide the best experience based on users' living habits; It can become the "smart partner" of human beings and comprehensively manage private health data

"in the next five years, we will focus on the overall and intelligent theme of technology research and development and product manufacturing. It is expected that by 2021, an intelligent sanitary ware factory and an intelligent sanitary ware industrial park with industry 4.0 as the goal will be established, giving full play to the role of the national sanitary ware leader." Li Feiyu is full of confidence

it is understood that Haicang District is focusing on the development of high-end manufacturing industries such as integrated circuits, biomedicine and new materials, focusing on the introduction and cultivation of leading industrial projects, and making great efforts to promote the expansion and strengthening of the real economy. Facing the "shift upgrade" needs of different industries and enterprises, Haicang District will also launch a combination of policies, implement policies accurately, and orderly promote the development of smart home industry and smart manufacturing led by Vidia, Songlin, Gangyu and Yingqu

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