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Smart manufacturing speeds up and scales up. Small and micro enterprises' smart manufacturing is becoming more and more popular.

smart manufacturing looks profound and mysterious. It seems to be a game for large enterprises, but it is not. In the four-day 20th China International Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition and the 5th Ningbo International robotics, intelligent processing and automation exhibition, small and micro enterprises have gradually become the main force of intelligent manufacturing, and began to run faster in the "spring" of intelligent manufacturing

small and micro enterprises are following the "smart" tide

although it is raining lightly, the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center is still crowded. The 20th China International Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition and the 5th Ningbo International Robot carbon fiber won the reputation of "high-tech" reinforcement materials by virtue of their extensive use in the aerospace and sporting goods industries. The holding of the intelligent processing and industrial automation exhibition attracted many small and micro enterprises seeking to combine intelligent manufacturing

"we need flame brazing for container reconstruction, but now it is very difficult to recruit brazing workers, and the manual completion of flame brazing is neither close nor beautiful, which affects our business development. This time I came to the exhibition to see if the replacement of machines can solve our problem of strong anti-interference ability." Li Xindong, the head of Ningbo Beilun baidun Container Service Co., Ltd., told him that he had been working in Haitian plastic machine before. He was impressed by the automation and intelligence level of Haitian plastic machine. Although it was only a small and micro enterprise in its infancy, Li Xindong still wanted to improve efficiency and quality through machine replacement

in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, the story of Li Xindong looking for a "sharp blade" is not an example. According to Zhang Chaoxi, deputy general manager of Ningbo Moco Robot Technology Co., Ltd., automation and intelligent transformation is no longer the "patent" of large enterprises, and the overwhelming number of small and micro enterprises have also put automation and intelligent transformation on the agenda. Last year, small and micro enterprises accounted for more than half of the sales of "Moco robot" of more than 70million yuan

"in the future, small and micro enterprises will be the main force of intelligent manufacturing." Zhang Chaoxi said. He shared a customer's story with. Five years ago, an auto parts enterprise in Ningbo connected by Zhang Chaoxi had an annual output value of only 10million yuan, but there were more than 200 front-line workers. At the beginning, the automation and intelligent transformation of the enterprise was limited to one production line, but the results of staff reduction and efficiency increase opened the eyes of the person in charge of the enterprise. Last year, the enterprise immediately launched 12 welding robots and punch robots, reducing the number of front-line employees to 120, and the profit of that year reached 4million yuan

not only is it "Moco robot", of the 30million sales of Ningbo Watson Robot Technology Co., Ltd. last year, 40% also came from small and micro enterprises. Chen Xueliang, deputy general manager of the company, told that with the accelerated integration of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, many small and micro enterprises have tasted the benefits of automation and intelligent transformation, and have stepped up intelligent manufacturing. In April last year, an enterprise in Ningbo signed a strategic cooperation with 100 robots after trying out the robots of "Watson"

"intelligent manufacturing" is popular, and clues can also be found in the exhibition. According to Shi Yongfu, deputy general manager of Ningbo yazhuo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., since 2015, industrial robots have gradually become one of the protagonists of the exhibition. From the initial inclusion in the machine tool equipment exhibition area to "occupy" hall 1, the development speed of "intelligent manufacturing" in Ningbo can be seen. This year, the industrial robot booth was expanded again, and successfully expanded to hall 6 on the basis of hall 1

"intelligent manufacturing" is at the right time

"at present, the implementation of automation and intelligent transformation by enterprises is mostly due to the rise of human costs, the improvement of product quality, accuracy, stability requirements and production control requirements, the difficulty of recruitment, the low efficiency of production lines, and the difficulty of solving the constraints of flexible production and other problems." Sunquanping, the person in charge of Ningbo songye robot Co., Ltd., told that taking recruitment difficulties as an example, at present, the age of enterprise welders is generally high, and few enterprises have young welders around the age of 25. The cost ranging from 300 yuan to 800 yuan per day has also brought great pressure to enterprises

"with the reduction of the price of automation and intelligent equipment, the price of a welding robot is about 170000 yuan according to the different requirements of the automobile host factory, and the enterprise can recover the cost in one year." Sun Quanping said that the reduction in prices paved the way for enterprises to realize automation and intelligent transformation. Li hongsong, who has 15 years of experience in automation and intelligent transformation, sees it more accurately. He told that compared with 10 years ago, industrial robots on the market now not only have more perfect functions, but their prices have also decreased by about one third. Take the six axis robot as an example. Now the price of bare metal machine is about 300000 yuan, only half of the original

it's not just hardware. With the obvious improvement of the storage space of machine tools, the types of software that can be loaded on machine tools have become more diverse. Rich software can not only control machine tools to complete more complex instructions and realize more complex operations, but also reduce costs in refined management

At the same time, with the deepening of automation and intelligent transformation, domestic engineering service companies have gradually accumulated rich experience through continuous practice. Nowadays, there are more and more engineering service companies that can not only develop industrial software and interconnected application systems, but also be familiar with the R & D, manufacturing and integration of production technology and equipment in sub industries

"those who come but cannot lose are also in time. Those who leap but cannot lose are also in opportunity. Opportunities exist all the time, depending on whether we are good at judging, whether we can seize and make use of them. If we are quick, we can grasp the opportunity and take the lead step by step; if we are slow, we will miss the opportunity and fall behind step by step." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology told that at present, it is one of the most appropriate periods for enterprises to seize the opportunity of change and implement automation and intelligent transformation. In addition to the continuous reduction of software and hardware costs and the increasingly improved services of engineering service companies, Ningbo's support policies for intelligent manufacturing are also quite perfect

it is reported that our city is actively promoting the full coverage of intelligent transformation diagnosis services. From 2017 to 2019, the municipal finance will allocate 30million yuan per year to support intelligent transformation diagnosis services and preliminary solution design. In addition, our city has implemented automatic and intelligent transformation of "points, lines and areas", and there are also corresponding policy subsidies. According to the plan, by 2020, our city will cultivate 10 intelligent factories and digital workshops, 100 intelligent manufacturing engineering service companies and integrators, and 1000 intelligent manufacturing enterprises that are moving towards industry 4.0

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