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The intelligent manufacturing market is vast, and multinational giants are accelerating their layout

recently, Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinsong) and Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. reached an agreement that the two sides will establish a strategic partnership in the field of digital manufacturing

according to the agreement, Siemens will fully support the business development of Xinsong in digital manufacturing and provide it with the latest automation, electrification and digital products, as well as relevant support, training and after-sales services

according to the analysis of industry experts, intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of made in China 2025, and digital manufacturing is the core content of intelligent manufacturing. Only digitalization can realize real intelligent manufacturing. Siemens is trying to establish its own leadership image by building lighthouse customers such as Xinsong, so as to prepare for its further expansion of China's digital manufacturing market

from products to solutions

China industry news learned that the cooperation between the two sides is moving forward comprehensively from the product level to the digital manufacturing solution, and Siemens' core digital enterprise software suite will be fully applied in Xinsong. In the future, Siemens will fully cooperate with Xinsong to provide it with digital enterprise software suite, including product lifecycle management software (PLM), manufacturing execution system (MES) and fully integrated automation (TIA)

Wang Haibin, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of Digital Factory Group, said: with our leading technology and advanced experience in the field of industrial digitalization, Siemens is willing to work with local enterprises such as Xinsong to jointly promote the digitalization process of Chinese industry

the cooperation between Siemens and Xinsong can be traced back to the influence of Xinsong roughness on accuracy; The latter uses servo system at the beginning of its establishment. At present, the cooperation between the two sides has gone deep into various subdivisions of automation. Siemens' fully integrated automation (TIA) solutions have been comprehensively applied in Xinsong, such as helping it produce auto parts for users in the automotive industry and build advanced assembly lines. Siemens' TIA solution helps Shin Matsushita save programming and debugging time, improve the work efficiency of engineers, ensure the timely delivery of the project, and lay a solid foundation for further expanding cooperation and developing towards digital manufacturing in the future

in 2014, Siemens' fully integrated drive system (IDS) was successfully applied in the fully automated three-dimensional warehouse project built by Xinsong for its customers, helping Xinsong establish a leading position in the sorting and scheduling system of the dairy industry

in addition, Siemens' globally leading comprehensive computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (cad/cam/cae) solution NX, as well as integrated digital manufacturing solution tecnomatix and other PLM Software solutions have been applied in many projects of Xinsong. Xinsong is a high-tech enterprise focusing on automation and robotics and committed to digital high-end equipment manufacturing, providing users with intelligent manufacturing system solutions and robot products

previously, Siemens and the Shenyang Municipal People's government signed the comprehensive cooperation framework agreement on October 29, witnessed by the Chinese and German prime ministers. The two sides will actively build a docking platform between German industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, carry out multi field cooperation focusing on intelligent manufacturing, and establish strategic cooperation relations with local excellent enterprises. The deepening of strategic cooperation between Siemens and Xinsong is one of the specific actions to support this agreement

that is, this month, Siemens signed three memoranda of cooperation with Guangdong Province in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent infrastructure and talent training. Zhu Xiaodan, governor of Guangdong Province, and boleren, member of the Management Committee of Siemens AG, attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing of the memorandum. Siemens is a trusted partner rooted in Guangdong Province for nearly 90 years. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to support the sustainable development of Guangdong Province and provide it with the experience and technology of building intelligent infrastructure, as well as digital manufacturing solutions, which are also the key elements to achieve industry 4.0. Boleren said

digital business has become a new growth point

it is understood that Siemens will further strengthen its digital products and services in the field of automation and electrification in China. In the next few years, the company will expand its R & D network in China and cultivate innovative talents for China's digital process. Siemens can stretch, zigzag, shrink or puncture plastic splines at a controlled speed by continuously improving the tensile testing machine of industrial plastics, which has continuously created new value for our customers in China. Siemens 6. Adjust the active needle and passive needle to zero. Herman, CEO of Greater China, said not long ago

in fiscal year 2015, Siemens further increased its support to local customers in China to help customers build digital capabilities in intelligent manufacturing. Not long ago, Siemens continued to deepen its cooperation with CITIC daika Co., Ltd., the world's leading aluminum alloy auto parts manufacturer. Siemens has provided CITIC daika with a complete digital enterprise solution (that is, the integration of Siemens digital enterprise software suite with Siemens product lifecycle management software (PLM), manufacturing execution system (MES) and fully integrated automation (TIA) as the core), as well as relevant electrical and information engineering services and technical support, to help CITIC daika's production enterprises transform into real digital chemical plants

facing the growing demand for intelligent infrastructure, Siemens is committed to building digital solutions for Chinese cities. In September this year, Siemens officially passed the acceptance of Zhuhai integrated traffic management platform, the first integrated traffic management project in China. The traffic management platform can not only effectively provide quantitative basis and standards for urban managers to make decisions, but also provide practical convenience for citizens to travel

in the field of fast-growing data centers, Siemens relies on comprehensive energy management solutions. The most common way to test the hardness of steel is to file and wipe on the edge of the workpiece with a file, and determine the hardness by the depth of the scratch on its surface. The solution provides technical support for China Construction Bank (Beijing) data center. The project is currently the largest T4 financial data center (the highest level of the international standard for data centers) in China. Siemens' energy management solutions not only ensure the security, stability and reliability of the data center, but also reduce energy consumption for users. In recent years, Siemens has established a solid innovation base and technology research and development center in China. By the end of fiscal 2015, Siemens had about 4500 researchers and R & D engineers in China, and the number of R & D centers had reached 20, and the number of approved patents had increased to about 5700. Siemens will further expand its innovation network and focus on digital R & D, respond to the national strategies of made in China 2025 and Internet + and meet the growing needs of local customers in China

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