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Trends of intelligent manufacturing industry: the concept of Intelligent Manufacturing in China is hot, leading the global industrial automation

Abstract: the implementation of the "made in China 2025" strategy has set off an upsurge of innovation in the transformation and upgrading of the industrial automation industry nationwide. Major enterprises have introduced intelligent and digital production lines and industrial robots. Intelligent manufacturing has become the only way for the development of the industrial automation industry. What are the important contents of today's domestic intelligent manufacturing industry that deserve attention

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects in 2017. For a time, intelligent manufacturing has become the focus of the whole society. The implementation of the "made in China 2025" strategy has set off an upsurge of innovation in the transformation and upgrading of the industrial automation industry nationwide. Major enterprises have introduced intelligent and digital production lines and industrial robots. Intelligent manufacturing has become an inevitable way for the development of the industrial automation industry. What are the important contents of today's domestic intelligent manufacturing industry that deserve attention? Let's learn more

unmanned factory: intelligent manufacturing a beautiful scenery

produce the same dumplings. This factory used to employ 200 people, but now it can compress labor by 90%, and most of the work is completed in the control room and laboratory

dumpling "unmanned factory" is just the epitome of many unmanned factories. Walking into the grinding workshop of Jinsheng precision components Co., Ltd., an "unmanned factory" located in Dongcheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, 50 machines with flashing lights polished structural parts day and night. In the robot array, the blue manipulator accurately grabs materials from the AGV car and puts them into the corresponding process. Only three technicians carry out real-time monitoring and remote control of the machine

this project is listed as the first batch of intelligent manufacturing special projects in China. According to Huang He, general manager of Jinsheng precision intelligent manufacturing group, through intelligent transformation, the number of employees in the factory has been greatly reduced, from 204 to 33 at present, and the future goal is to reduce to 13. At present, the defective rate of products has decreased from 5% to 2%, and the quality is more stable

Jingshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park connects with "made in China 2025"

Jingshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park is an important carrier for Jingshan County to connect with "made in China 2025" and build "the first county-level intelligent manufacturing County in China". The function of the park is positioned as a platform for the government's "deregulation and service" reform and a platform for intelligent manufacturing R & D incubation. The planned total construction area of the park is 800000 square meters, with a total investment of 6.8 billion yuan. Now 600000 square meters have been built. At present, 14 enterprises, including Jingshan light machinery, Hubei Shibei, softcom power, Sino Russian laser, Xucheng laser and Lianzhen digital, have settled in. By the end of 2017, more than 20 enterprises will settle in. After the completion of the park, the annual main business income of more than 27billion yuan and profit and tax of more than 3billion yuan can be achieved

Cixi, Zhejiang: the enterprise "machine replacement" accelerated "intelligent manufacturing"

on October 25, the automatic quality inspection equipment of Ningbo Chenxiang Electronics Co., Ltd. was in operation. The company now has more than 220 intelligent automatic machines, which realize automatic feeding, automatic assembly, automatic detection and other processes on the assembly line, and its production capacity has doubled. Since the beginning of 2017, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province has issued the Cixi action plan and implementation plan of "made in China 2025". The city's economic and Information Bureau, electric power and other relevant departments have provided personalized, accurate and customized services around the needs of enterprises to promote enterprise transformation. Since the 13th five year plan, Cixi has invested 23.7 billion yuan in industry and 20.16 billion yuan in technological transformation. It plans to promote 1167 enterprises to carry out "machine replacement" within three years

China electromechanical trade expo focuses on intelligent manufacturing to build an exchange platform for enterprises

from November 2 to 4, "2017 China electromechanical Trade Expo" will be held in Hangzhou

it is reported that the conference was hosted by China News Service Zhejiang branch, Zhejiang mechanical and electrical industry association, mechanical and electrical home, and co organized by the New Media Committee of Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang capital and Industrial Development Alliance and other units. At that time, nearly a thousand businesses will collectively appear at the exhibition to show the advanced equipment, technologies and solutions in the electromechanical industry at home and abroad, participate in the "China intelligent manufacturing electromechanical equipment Summit Forum", and discuss the development of "intelligence" in the industry with the big players in the academic community to jointly explore the road of "intelligent manufacturing" in the electromechanical industry

as one of the core industries of the industrial system, the electromechanical industry has always occupied a decisive position. With the rapid development of information technology and the arrival of the industrial 4.0 era, the upgrading and transformation of the electromechanical industry has become a new round dominated by intelligent manufacturing. Therefore, at present, the best-selling fixture industry is the manual fixture, which has become the commanding height of industrial upgrading. "Technological entrepreneurship" has thus become a new idea for many electromechanical enterprises to seek development

intelligent manufacturing, big data Qingdao University of science and technology will add four new colleges

recently, Qingdao University of science and technology decided to rely on its characteristic disciplines and majors to make extensive use of its advantages in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, building materials, aerospace and other industries to establish four new colleges, namely, intelligent manufacturing college, microelectronics college, robotics college and big data college

relying on the College of mechanical and electrical engineering, the College of intelligent manufacturing has built a support and service platform with strong technological innovation, achievement transformation and industrialization, so as to realize the organic integration and seamless connection of "government, industry, learning and research". The College of intelligent manufacturing focuses on six major fields: high-end intelligent equipment, new materials and their intelligent preparation processes and equipment, intelligent interconnected vehicles and new energy vehicles, health and intelligent medical equipment, digital chemical plants and simulation computing centers, forming six major functions, including talent training and introduction, key technology research and development, achievement cultivation and transformation, product design services, simulation computing service platform, and building a first-class new Industrial Research Institute

Urumqi intelligent manufacturing project received state subsidies for the first time

recently, it was learned that this year, Urumqi's three enterprise projects received 22.9 million yuan from the central 2017 integrated intelligent manufacturing standardization and new mode application project

they are the Uighur pharmaceutical intelligent manufacturing new mode application project of Xinjiang Uighur Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the high-purity crystalline silicon intelligent manufacturing new mode application project of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd., and the optimization and integration project of green key process of capacitor foil based on segregation method of Xinjiang Zhonghe Co., Ltd

"integrated intelligent manufacturing standards shall not be bumped and new mode application project" subsidy fund is set up for the in-depth implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, boosting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, improving quality and efficiency. It aims to guide enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, shorten product development cycle, improve product quality, reduce energy consumption per unit output value, etc. by improving the level of intelligent application and comprehensive standardization

"Tengzhou machine tool" seizes the high-end market of intelligent manufacturing

recently, I walked into Shandong Desen Robot Technology Co., Ltd. and saw a busy scene in the workshop: workers are rushing to make orders on the production line, and the business department is stepping up contact with customers

the development and future investment orientation of Shandong Desen Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is a powerful example of Tengzhou extending the industrial chain of machine tools, promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and promoting the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in recent years. In the macro context of vigorously developing the new economy and new driving forces, since this year, Tengzhou City has focused on promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and cultivating strategic emerging industries, deeply implemented the "265" industry cultivation project, promoted the strength, quality improvement and structural optimization of industrial clusters such as machine tools, and carefully cultivated the brand "made in Tengzhou", effectively driving the shift and acceleration of the city's industrial economy, It has expanded the scale and strength of the regional economy

made in Ningbo of intelligent garment manufacturing

with the continuous intersection of the new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform with the "new normal" of domestic economic development, especially the implementation of the manufacturing power strategy, the elite club of intelligent garment manufacturing (China) found that Ningbo gave full play to its own advantages, Actively explore the "Ningbo smart manufacturing" era characterized by "smart upgrading, smart transformation, smart agglomeration, and mechanism innovation"

at present, Ningbo clothing industry is taking the opportunity of "made in China 2025" to accelerate the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the clothing industry, and relying on scientific and technological innovation to promote the continuous progress of "Ningbo clothing" towards the direction of intelligence, high-end and fashion

Huzhou accelerates the "interconnection" of intelligent manufacturing + adds wisdom to the transformation of manufacturing industry

since this year, Huzhou has been able to roughly confirm the size of an experimental machine and the sensor range of the tension tested. The city has vigorously implemented the "made in China 2025" strategy and the "interconnection +" action plan, focusing on the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization, focusing on promoting the reform of Huzhou's manufacturing R & D mode, manufacturing mode and service mode, consolidating networks, big data Industrial cloud platform and industrial software infrastructure support, accelerate intelligent manufacturing, "Internet +" applications. So far, the city has added 80 key projects of the integration of industrialization and industrialization at the municipal level, and 9 enterprises including Dehua Bunny have been rated as the pilot enterprises of the implementation of the integration management system of industrialization and industrialization of the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2017

in order to accelerate the cultivation of "Internet +" demonstration pilot enterprises in the field of advanced manufacturing, Huzhou actively encourages enterprises to integrate IOT, big data, cloud computing and other elements into all production links, including design and production, around intelligent manufacturing and "Internet +" applications. Xiangpiao Food Co., Ltd. has introduced a production line with various data-based programs, taking the lead in realizing the full integration of the production process control system, manufacturing execution system and enterprise ERP system of liquid milk tea in the industry, completely changing the traditional manual management and control mode, and the automatic production based on orders has greatly improved the efficiency and product quality

China's intelligent manufacturing concept is hot and leads the global industrial automation

in 2014, the global sales volume of industrial robots was about 180000, of which about 1/5 were purchased by Chinese enterprises; By 2016, this figure had increased to 1/3, and the order volume from China exceeded 90000. To some extent, this reflects the popularity of the concept of Intelligent Manufacturing in China, and may also arouse the thinking of China's local robot companies

as reported by the media in the past, with the soaring wage level of domestic labor in China, enterprises have begun to accelerate the deployment of robots in factories. This change trend has further consolidated China's leading position in the field of global industrial automation

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