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Intelligent manufacturing may be the end point of "made in China 2025"

the key to the expectation of made in China from big to strong is: intelligence, improving core technology, changing production and operation modes and other measures. The intelligent industry may be the end of this industrial transformation

at present, China's manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world in terms of output value, but on the whole, it is large but not strong, and it has not mastered core technology in some key areas. The first problem to be solved in made in China 2025 is to improve the industrial level and competitiveness, so that it can really play a role in the high-end of the industrial chain and value chain, so that our manufacturing industry, especially the equipment manufacturing industry, can realize the transformation from large to strong

in the next decade, the manufacturing industry will change from a large country to a powerful country. On the surface, it seems to be the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, but in fact, it is the transformation and upgrading of China's economy. The manufacturing industry, which focuses on service-oriented manufacturing and producer services, will become an important force to promote China's economic transformation and upgrading. Feng qiaobin, Professor of the Economics Department of the National Academy of administration, told

the Chinese government announced on May 19, 2015 that the State Council recently issued "made in China 2025" to deploy and comprehensively promote the implementation of the manufacturing power strategy. According to the plan, the strategic goal of becoming a manufacturing power will be achieved in three steps, the first of which is to become a manufacturing power by 2025

this means that by 2025, China's comprehensive index will be close to the level of manufacturing power when Germany and Japan realized industrialization, basically realizing industrialization and entering the second array of world manufacturing power. Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said

shenyunchang, an industry researcher at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out in an interview that "made in China 2025" will play a strategic guiding role in the next decade: first, it defines the development direction of China's manufacturing industry; Second, the development priorities and key links of major manufacturing industries have been implemented; Third, it designs the core path of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in China

big but not strong is the biggest problem

this is the first ten-year action program for China to implement the manufacturing power strategy. The manufacturing industry, which accounts for more than 20% of the world, will usher in an opportunity to change from big to strong

in a larger sense, this strategy is seen as a solution to China's macroeconomic transformation, and the manufacturing industry is taking on the heavy responsibility of sudden severe deformation of sheet metal due to bumps and collisions in the journey

to form economic growth and shape new advantages in international competition, the focus is on manufacturing, the difficulty is in manufacturing, and the way out is also in manufacturing. Made in China 2025 points out

but the premise of porcelain work must be diamond. To move from a big manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, there are still many problems to be solved, both in industry and products

made in China 2025 admits that there is still a big gap between China, which is still in the process of industrialization, and advanced countries: the manufacturing industry is large but not strong, the ability of independent innovation is weak, the external dependence of key core technologies and high-end equipment is high, and the manufacturing innovation system with enterprises as the main body is imperfect; The product grade is not high, lacking world-famous brands; The utilization efficiency of resources and energy is low, and the problem of environmental pollution is more prominent; The industrial structure is unreasonable, and the development of high-end equipment manufacturing and producer services lags behind; The level of informatization is not high, and the depth of integration with industrialization is not enough; The degree of industrial internationalization is not high, and the global operation ability of enterprises is insufficient

even if we focus on products, the plight of China's manufacturing industry can be seen from this

the tomorrow made in China is not elsewhere, but only whether we can make impressive products so that our middle-class families do not have to go overseas to buy toilet lids. Financial writer wuxiaobo said

in Wu Xiaobo's view, the expansion from quantity to quality is the last kilometer made in China. However, with the failure of the late development strategy of market for technology, which has been implemented for a long time, China's manufacturing industry has fallen into unprecedented pain and hesitation: the loss of cost advantage, the collapse of channel advantage, constant death, and the fear of transformation that changes to death. These factors have accelerated the downfall of China's manufacturing industry

the failure to master independent innovation technology in some fields has become an important reason for the bottleneck of the development of China's manufacturing industry. Large but not strong is the biggest problem of Chinese manufacturing at present

at present, China's manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world in terms of output value, but on the whole, it is large but not strong. It does not master core technology in some key areas. Some domestic manufacturing also needs to purchase technology from foreign countries or foreign experts to assist in research and development. Shi Shiwei, a professor at the University of international business and economics, said

Li Beiguang, deputy director of the Department of planning and information technology of the Ministry of industry and information technology, believes that the lack of key common technologies is the main problem facing China at present, and it is also a problem that must be solved to move from a large manufacturing country to a powerful country, which is a hurdle that must be overcome

both the real economy and the capital market will benefit

it is foreseeable that in the development of the next decade, a number of enterprises will benefit from this, whether they are big Mac central enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises, whether they are the real economy or the capital market, will set foot on this high-speed train

made in China 2025 clearly stipulates in the strategic guidelines that we should focus on the major needs of economic and social development and national security, integrate resources, highlight key points, implement a number of major projects, and achieve the first breakthrough

the central enterprises take the lead

CRRC, formed by the merger of CSR and CNR, COSCO and China Shipping Development announced the establishment of a joint venture mining and transportation company, and the State Power Investment Corporation, formed by the merger of China Power Investment Corporation and National Nuclear Power Technology Co., Ltd., will soon be established. As an important measure to enhance the overall international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, a number of super warships promoted by the state to merge central enterprises have gradually surfaced

in the series of interpretations of the "made in China 2025" plan released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, it is pointed out that it is necessary to integrate and establish a multinational, world-class rail transit equipment enterprise group, and build a joint fleet of China's rail transit to go to sea

in recent years, with the rapid growth of central enterprises, their businesses have also shown a trend of diversification. It is normal for several central enterprises to appear in an industry. In order to avoid horizontal competition, resource elements must be concentrated to large enterprises. In addition, with the advancement of the structural adjustment of state-owned enterprises, the core competitiveness of the entire state-owned enterprises is changing from large to strong. It is also out of the needs of their own development to carry out mergers and reorganizations and strengthen their main businesses. Wu Jinxi, director of the Research Center for strategic emerging industries at Tsinghua University, said

Feng qiaobin believes that the core of the reorganization of central enterprises is to strengthen and expand enterprises, and this reference has also begun to shift from the domestic market to the international market. After the market boundary is widened, the central enterprises that become bigger and stronger will certainly become an important force in the manufacturing industry

at the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises will also usher in development opportunities

for the transformation of China's manufacturing industry, the most direct pursuit is to meet the escalating market demand. After all, these small and medium-sized enterprises, which account for 99% of the total number of all kinds of enterprises in China, create 60% of China's total economic output, but more than half of them face difficulties in transformation. This time, the layout of the country's manufacturing industry will be a rare opportunity

when super warships such as large central enterprises and state-owned enterprises sail to the international market, they are likely to leave some space in the domestic market, and small and medium-sized enterprises can play a role in their own advantageous fields. Diversified, in-depth products that meet various needs will be created in this process. Feng qiaobin pointed out to

intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of attack

if enterprises want to benefit in the next decade, they must find out the development direction of the manufacturing industry

Maoweiming, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, admitted that the problem of large but not strong manufacturing industry in China is still very prominent. The first problem to be solved in made in China 2025 is to improve the industrial level and competitiveness. It can really play a role in the high-end of the industrial chain and value chain, so that our manufacturing industry, especially the equipment manufacturing industry, can realize the transformation from large to strong

Shen Yunchang believed in an interview that the essential difference between a manufacturing power and a manufacturing power is mainly three forces: first, the ability to earn added value, the competitiveness of advanced production methods, and the accumulation ability of knowledge innovation. To sum up, it is the low added value of science and technology caused by insufficient innovation

in the next decade, intelligent manufacturing will be positioned as the main direction of manufacturing in China. Among the five major projects focused by made in China 2025 in the next decade, intelligent manufacturing occupies three of them: the construction project of manufacturing innovation center (industrial technology research base), intelligent manufacturing project and high-end equipment innovation project

in fact, in recent years, China's R & D investment has been in the forefront of the world. In 2013, the whole society invested 1180 billion yuan in R & D, and the intensity of R & D investment exceeded 2% for the first time

however, compared with world powers, there is still a big gap in industrial innovation ability. China's dependence on foreign technology is as high as 50%. 95% of high-end CNC systems and 80% of chips, almost all high-end hydraulic parts, seals and engines rely on imports

in an interview with the rule of law weekend, Shen Yunchang believed that under the guidance of the concept of intelligent manufacturing, the manufacturing industry will develop in the direction of intelligent manufacturing

both traditional and emerging industries should be transformed into intelligent industries. In this process, we must put the enhancement of innovation ability in a more prominent position, strengthen the key core technology research, and improve the innovation ability in key links and key fields. Shen Yunchang pointed out

in the interpretation, the Ministry of industry and information technology pointed out that in the next decade, the focus of China's manufacturing development is not to pursue higher growth rate, but to improve the quality and efficiency of development in accordance with the overall requirements of innovation driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization and talent oriented

this innovation does not just refer to technology

Li Beiguang said that in solving this problem, the state should make innovations in policies, such as encouraging large groups in key areas of manufacturing to carry out pilot projects of combining industry and finance, that is, to set up non deposit financial institutions

according to Shen Yunchang, intelligent manufacturing is not only a technological innovation, but also includes product innovation, basic theory innovation and so on. All this is a process of knowledge accumulation

in order to encourage innovation, we must solve the current problem of insufficient innovation protection. For a long time, whether technological innovation or product innovation, it is easy to be imitated, the degree of intellectual property protection is low, and there are still many laws and regulations for innovation protection, resulting in innovators paying huge economic costs and time costs, unable to get reasonable innovation benefits, and leading to the psychology of many enterprises to die if they innovate and do not innovate. Shen Yunchang pointed out

Shen Yunchang believes that because of this, in addition to the introduction of a simple injection molding plastic Department of made in China 2025, which plays a strategic guiding role, the government also produces some plastic deformation parts, which can weld many metal parts together. It also needs to further reform and improve the innovation system related to the manufacturing industry, the market competition system, the domestic and foreign trade and domestic and foreign investment systems related to the international market, which is a

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