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Intelligent Manufacturing: XCMG makes production and life more "intelligent"

Intelligent Manufacturing: XCMG makes production and life more "intelligent"

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equipment and intelligent manufacturing has become a new driving force for Xuzhou to promote the supply side structural reform and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Through the implementation of the integration of informatization and industrialization, some industrial enterprises have regained their vitality. The overall level of Intelligent Manufacturing in the city has been improved, and the industry is gradually moving forward to a higher level. Today, let's walk into XCMG group to see intelligent manufacturing, making production and life more "intelligent"

the era of intelligence is coming, and intelligent manufacturing will be the inevitable trend of the future development of manufacturing enterprises. In recent years, in order to implement "made in China 2025", Xuzhou has accelerated the development of equipment and intelligent manufacturing, encouraged enterprises, colleges and universities to carry out cutting-edge technology research, and has made breakthroughs in key technologies such as perception technology, robot technology, intelligent information processing technology and so on

XCMG group, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have launched intelligent manufacturing workshops, and intelligent manufacturing equipment has been popularized in key industries such as construction machinery. XCMG has also increased its investment in the overall informatization, including the upgrading project of BAC automobile company, which produces mono supercars, and the construction of interconnection +. Last November, the first industrial cloud platform in the industry that XCMG cooperated with Alibaba was released. The platform has successfully filled the gap of large-scale application of big data in the industrial field in China. At the same time, the first industrial property big data platform in China independently developed by XCMG group, which mainly refers to the supply of nearly 320000 meters and other general instruments, collects more than 500 million pieces of information data every day, can realize remote automatic upgrading, remote control, abnormal alarm, etc. of equipment, and provide customers with high-quality services

lizhongfu, director of the information management department of XCMG Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., said, "using this platform, we can see the distribution of products across the country and the working conditions of products. For example, when customers are working, how long the arm is, how little the range is, and how heavy the lifting weight is. In this way, after analyzing the data, we will know which working condition is most suitable for customers."

data from the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology shows that in 2016, 608 Enterprises above Designated Size in the city's equipment manufacturing industry achieved an output value of 377.66 billion yuan, an increase of 17.7% year-on-year; It has 1 national enterprise technology center, 18 provincial-level demonstration intelligent manufacturing workshops, and 170 provincial-level and above industrialization integration demonstration enterprises. In the provincial demonstration smart workshops, the number of front-line production personnel receiving flat and waste foamed plastics gradually decreased by 20%, and the per capita output level increased by an average of 15%

Li Shiyin, Professor of School of information and electrical engineering, China University of mining and technology, said: "Equipment and intelligent manufacturing are imperative. A core idea is to improve the production technology through the combination of virtual network and physical entities, including Internet of things technology, big data technology, cloud computing technology, etc. the main goal is to shorten the production and R & D cycle, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce energy consumption, etc."

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