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Intelligent manufacturing is expected to be favored by capital Sany Heavy industry accelerates the pace of business transformation

intelligent manufacturing is expected to be favored by capital Sany Heavy industry accelerates the pace of business transformation

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with the recent release of the "intelligent manufacturing development plan (year)", the market's attention to intelligent manufacturing has heated up again, and capital is based on the good market expectation that intelligent manufacturing will produce in the future, Various investment institutions and social capital rushed into the industry

speaking of Sany Heavy Industry (600031, SZ), the market can not help but have the impression of labeling its traditional construction machinery. In recent years, Sany Heavy Industry has long been deployed in the field of intelligent manufacturing

recently, Sany Heavy Industry prepared to sell the equity of its subsidiaries and transfer two accounts receivable, which made all parties in the industry pay attention to its late development trend in business transformation

Sany Industrial Park

conforms to the three-dimensional degree of intelligent manufacturing

when construction machinery hovers at the bottom of the industry, as one of the leading enterprises in the industry, it is particularly important for Sany to solve the difficulties brought by the industry cycle, whether it is to extricate itself from the difficulties of Sany or to provide a demonstration for the construction machinery industry as an important processing equipment

as the only way to enter industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing has always been favored by the market

for the understanding of intelligent manufacturing, people always think that the traditional manual or semi-automatic manufacturing industry should be upgraded to a highly automated intelligent factory. However, according to science and technology reports, Germany proposed that intelligent manufacturing in "industry 4.0" includes three dimensions - Intelligent factory, intelligent products and intelligent services, all of which are indispensable

as early as 2009, Sany Heavy industry faced the problem of how to evaluate the rationality of the manufacturing system. According to relevant personnel of Sany Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry introduced the concept of digital chemical plant at that time. Through virtual reality and modeling and simulation means, it simulated and verified the process layout, logistics scheme and production plan of the production line, forming two guiding principles of "process simulation before plant construction" and "synchronous planning of workshop informatization". The advanced modern digital factory has realized the automation of logistics, assembly, quality inspection and other links in the plant. After being applied to more than ten business units of Sany Heavy Industry, it has promoted the reform of Sany Heavy Industry in production mode

in terms of intelligent products, the development process of Sany bending testing machine has developed a full series of core components for sensing, control, display and drive applied to construction machinery and equipment. Its SYMC controller has become the first controller with independent intellectual property rights in the industry. In terms of intelligent services, the company also invested more than 30 million yuan to build an intelligent service platform ECC, becoming the first enterprise to start ECC projects in the domestic construction machinery industry

Sany Heavy Industry production workshop

business transformation accelerates

on the one hand, Sany said that in the face of the era background of Internet +, the market competition pattern is adjusted, and the industry boundary is blurred. The company is gradually breaking the traditional construction machinery industry boundary to realize the sharing economy. During the transformation period, its parent company Sany group accelerated the construction of three businesses and a large platform. The three businesses refer to intelligent manufacturing, new energy and industrial chain finance, and the platform refers to the industrial IOT platform

Soochow securities also pointed out in its recent research report that under the condition of the continuous recovery of the construction machinery industry, the great opportunity of the construction machinery industry depends on the company actively accelerating the liquidation and transforming its business beyond expectations

according to Sany Heavy Industries' announcement on the evening of December 14, it is ready to transfer 100% equity of Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. to Shenzhen Sany technology, a holding subsidiary of Sany group, at the price of 4.077 billion yuan. At the same time, it is proposed to sell the accounts receivable of the two subsidiaries at 2.534 billion yuan and 770 million yuan

China Merchants Securities believes that the above actions of Sany Heavy Industry will effectively optimize the asset structure and improve the efficiency of capital use. In the coming year of 2017, Sany Heavy Industry can play with light equipment, release the flexibility of performance, basically solve the problems left over by history, and enhance investor confidence

most institutions believe that with the continuous recovery of the construction machinery industry, Sany Heavy Industry, as one of the leading enterprises in the industry, has taken the initiative to adapt to the business transformation of intelligent manufacturing. Its growth is expected to be expected during the "2015 (8th) dual use new materials forum" held by China New Materials Technology Association in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on October 17 (1) 9, 2015

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