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Yan Zhentang, President of China collectors association, came from Beijing to attend the event and gladly accepted the invitation of gongjingqiang, President of China collectors association to deliver a speech

Yan Zhentang, President of the China collectors association, made a speech at the Jinhua station of the national treasure search conference and the founding meeting of the China Collection Association, which was specially invited by CCTV experts on treasure search.

in his speech, Yan Zhentang, President of the China collectors association, emphasized three very significant points. First, the holding of such appraisal activities by the China collection has provided collectors in Jinhua, Zhejiang and surrounding provinces with the opportunity to identify their collections, It makes collectors understand the real value of the collection, deepens the communication between experts and collectors, and acts as a bridge, which is of great significance; Second, the identification service carried out by Zhonghua collection has broken the time and space limitations of the activity of determining the use process of the low-temperature tank, realized the two-way interaction between the upper and lower levels, and attracted more people to participate in the collection, which is of great significance to the cause of folk collection; Thirdly, based on the rich information resources collected by Zhonghua, the magazine "Zhonghua collection" is hosted. It takes about 1000 years to complete the organic combination of traditional books and periodicals and modern media, which complement each other. It not only reflects the characteristics of strong timeliness, great care and in-depth analysis

finally, President Yan Zhentang summed up his views on Zhonghua collection and Zhonghua collection magazine in the words of ShiShuqing, a master of culture, museum and appraisal. Zhonghua collection is a collection of famous experts who are good at appreciation, networking platforms, and integrating investment, display, communication, information and e-commerce, which has benefited many people in the same way

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