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Rising price competition and rising cost the tire will follow the mistakes of the automobile industry and continue to replace the traditional metal and glass materials in the process of automobile lightweight with its lightweight and excellent composite properties. Through the research on five types of automotive plastic materials such as polyurethane and polycarbonate, relevant institutions reported that the South African polyurethane and other automotive plastic market had earned US $157million in 2009 and is expected to reach US $200million in 2016

the analysts of the agency said that for every 100kg increase in the weight of the same vehicle, the fuel consumption will increase by 0.6L per 100km. In the future, the sales volume of lightweight and low-energy vehicles will increase significantly

according to the latest research, the market of automotive polyurethane and other plastic materials in South Africa will reach 200million US dollars in 2016

as the price of American tire market continues to rise, the price of tires on sale in the Chinese market has also risen. It has been learned from the auto parts city and some auto parts stores that the major brand tire dealers have received the manufacturers' notice of tire price increase since April, with the increase range ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan

moreover, the current collective price increase of tire enterprises may only be the beginning. Some insiders predict that as the price of tire raw materials this year will rise by 40% compared with last year, there may be room for further increase in tire prices

in this regard, someone said bluntly: "this tire price increase is inextricably linked to the U.S. special safeguard measures." However, according to Gu Sili, general manager of GUPT tire China, the increase in demand for truck and bus tires brought about by China's 4trillion investment last year is the main reason for the collective "price rise" of the tire industry in the Chinese market

"due to the large increase in tire sales last year, many tire manufacturers are planning to increase production capacity this year. However, tire is a very low profit industry. Once the market fluctuates, the industry may be reshuffled." Gu Sili said. In his view, in the future reshuffle, only the innovative manufacturers can gain a firm foothold in the competition

4trillion investment boosted tire prices

2009 saw a blowout in the domestic tire market, leading to a "fever" in the tire industry. Affected by this, at the beginning of this year, major tire manufacturers such as Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone all raised their selling prices in China

"the increase in the price of rubber (24845395.00,1.62%) futures is the direct reason for the rise in tire prices." Gu Sili said: "as the price of natural rubber in the international market has increased by about 20% year-on-year, the cost pressure of tire enterprises has increased greatly, and the profits have also been deeply squeezed, so the price rise has become an inevitable trend."

in Gu Sili's opinion, the reason why the rubber futures price is rising steadily is not only the reduction of rubber production due to climate reasons, but also the increase of domestic demand for truck and bus tires, which directly drives the rise of rubber prices and even tire prices

"last year, China's 4trillion yuan investment directly accelerated the pace of domestic infrastructure, and also led to a significant increase in the sales and utilization rate of truck and bus." Gu Sili said: "as the tires of truck and bus need to be replaced once a year or several months, the sales volume of each tire manufacturer increases, and the purchasing power of rubber also increases, and the price of rubber also rises."

as for the future tire price trend, Gu Sili judged that since the price of natural rubber has no sign of falling in the short term, it is difficult to see a significant fall in the tire price

the tire industry may face a reshuffle.

the surge in tire sales and the rise in raw material prices have also made many tire manufacturers put capacity expansion on the agenda. Since the beginning of this year, several tire manufacturers have announced plans to increase production capacity

Gu Sili believes that this is a very dangerous industry signal. "Although the tire market will expand with the growth of the automobile market in the long run, tires are a very low profit industry, so the capacity utilization rate is very important. If manufacturers blindly expand production regardless of the actual situation, once the raw material prices fall, the price war will be inevitable, and some tire enterprises with weak strength may face the risk of being reshuffled."

it is reported that China's tire industry has ushered in a new round of tests after the "special insurance case" of American tires to China in September last year. Although the pulling effect of the growth of domestic automobile sales on tires still exists this year, the pressure on the tire industry in terms of export, cost and domestic market competition has been gradually increasing

according to the data, at present, there are more than 300 Chinese tire factories with 3C certification in China, while there are only two in the United States, the birthplace of the automotive industry. At the same time, the production bases of foreign tire enterprises are still transferring to China. At present, Bridgestone, Michelin and other top 11 tire manufacturers in the world all invest in tire production in China, forming a total production capacity of about 150million radial tires, and the capacity of projects under construction and pending approval is about 50million-60million

chenaihua, a researcher at Guosen Securities, said that although the tire enterprises have raised the price, the price increase is far behind the cost increase. Although the sales volume is expected to increase this year, the year-on-year decline in the industry's total profit is a high probability event based on the current natural rubber price

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Gu Sili believes that under the adverse conditions of increasing wear measurement errors, tire manufacturers will actively seek changes through industry integration, mergers and acquisitions, and looking for new exports, which will become a new round of competitiveness of many enterprises. Among them, the replacement tire market, which was not paid attention to before, may become a new sales growth point in the industry, because the replacement tire can help car owners achieve greater performance improvement with lower modification cost

Gu Sili said that at present, most tire enterprises focus on the original tire market. However, with the increase of car ownership in China, the market prospect of replacement tires has been very optimistic. He calculated an account. At present, there are about 15million to 20million cars and sedans. It is estimated that one car needs to replace 1.5 tires a year, and about 35million to 40million replacement tires will be produced a year

as a result, after entering the Chinese market, GUPT tires did not contact the original tires, but concentrated their resources on the customers in the replacement tire market. As the only one of the world's top ten tire manufacturers that only makes replacement tires, through its own focus and more accurate way of carrying out relevant inspection and sales, Cooper has maintained a sales growth rate far higher than the industry average

in addition, Gu Sili believes that the introduction of tire products with more Chinese characteristics is also becoming one of the effective means for manufacturers to increase market share. Therefore, in June this year, GUPT has launched a high-performance all road off-road tire named "crossbar", which is specially designed for Chinese road conditions. It is reported that the tire can greatly improve the current situation that urban SUVs can only meet the needs of high-speed and urban roads, and give car owners a stronger off-road experience

recently, it was learned from Goodyear China that Goodyear's Yucheng tire developed for China's consumer demand has also been listed. This tire is known as the quietest and most comfortable tire in Goodyear's history. It adopts the original silent tread design without oil leakage (water), which minimizes the noise of the tire driving on the road; At the same time, in a test of wetland braking performance conducted by a third-party authority, Goodyear Yucheng tire has a shorter wetland braking distance than similar tires

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