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President Xi signed a general order to record the first-class merit for him. How awesome is this guy

original title: President Xi signed a general order to record the first class merit for him. How awesome is this guy

the naval professor who was awarded the first prize is not simple. He has long focused on the research in the field of power electronics and electric drive, and has achieved a number of original achievements with completely independent intellectual property rights. Many technologies have reached the international leading level

he gave up his doctoral degree and became a much-needed experimenter

. At that time, he had been admitted to the doctor's degree. Entering maweiming's team was equivalent to stepping on a broad road leading to the peak of military science and technology. ABS performance

can coincide with the urgent need for an experimenter in the laboratory. It is hoped that one of the newly recruited doctors will be selected to serve. Being an experimenter means giving up the chance to read a doctoral degree

Professor Xiao Fei carried out scientific research (data map)

finally, Xiao Fei submitted his application and plunged into the position of experimenter

the long-term tedious work of the experimenter has enabled Xiao Fei to consolidate the foundation of systematic and comprehensive theory under the condition of repeatability, and accumulated practical engineering experience. Two years later, Xiao Fei, who completed the mission of an experimenter, was admitted to Zhejiang University as a doctor 3 Component configuration problem: graduate student. In 2009 and 2012, he was promoted to associate professor and professor with outstanding achievements. In 10 years, from a "badly needed" experimenter to a young professor, he completed a major leap in life

many achievements in challenging the world's difficult problems to achieve "overtaking in curves"

10 years ago, Xiao Fei's first project was the development of the world's difficult problem - "new high-speed induction generator system"

in the experiment, Xiao Fei found that the generator output voltage was always unstable and could not be adjusted continuously. He pioneered the introduction of power electronic excitation technology. With the only available calculation formula published in foreign academic journals, Xiao Fei carried out a series of targeted experiments, but the shadow of failure always shrouded the young man

Xiao Fei (first from the left) carried out key research under the guidance of academician maweiming (data map)

at more than 11 p.m. one day, Xiao Fei, who returned to the dormitory from the laboratory, tossed and turned. At 1 a.m., academician maweiming called. It turned out that academician Ma was also thinking about this problem. Xiao Fei rushed to academician Ma's office overnight to discuss new ideas with Academician ma. After numerous failures, the master and apprentice finally found that there were problems with foreign formulas. Xiao Fei decisively broke through the stereotype thinking, put forward a new algorithm, and solved the technical problems

most of the scientific research projects he has participated in involve basic and cutting-edge topics of national defense science and technology and key technical problems of equipment development. Many achievements have reached or exceeded the same level of developed countries in Europe and the United States, enabling China to "surpass the curve" in many emerging fields

realize the leap from ship power to electrification in China

due to many domestic factors, many original and leading technologies are difficult to change from drawings to actual installation. In order to make the innovative "flowers" bear "fruits", Xiao Fei extended his research work from the research institute to the factory workshop

hard work pays off. Xiao Fei led the team to make the prototype, and all parameters meet the design requirements! This project successfully passed the appraisal of scientific research achievements and won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award in 2014

Xiao Fei introduced the experimental progress (data chart)

after that, under the leadership of academician maweiming, Xiao Fei worked hard to develop the power supply system urgently needed by multi type submarines, which solved the bottleneck problem of China's independent power supply system. Thus, the newly developed generator system is continuously developed, already "The advanced automobile drive and transmission system will directly affect the fuel and energy efficiency. It is used in all new ships in China, providing a core support for the standardization and modularization of the power supply system of domestic ships, and establishing China's international leading position in this field.

Xiao Fei's scientific research and innovation team first proposed and successfully developed the ship's medium voltage DC integrated power system in the world. Xiao Fei is responsible for organizing technical research in the field of electronic power conversion It has solved a series of major problems from basic theoretical research, key technology research, to equipment and product development

(source: "contemporary navy")

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