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Cost performance determines the speed at which digital printing enters the field of packaging and printing. Release date: Source: Hua Ning paper packaging industry editor: Arnold page views: 2447 copyright and disclaimer core tip: the development of Internet terminal reading has led to a decline in the content printing industry typical of newspapers. The proportion of packaging and printing in the total printing volume increased from 65% in 2009 to 74.45% in 2013, Almost every year, it increases by 2 percentage points

[China Packaging News] the development of Internet terminal reading has led to a decline in the content printing industry, which is typical of newspapers. Rn - the ring compression strength test value of face paper (n/0.152m). The proportion of packaging and printing in the total printing volume increased from 65% in 2009 to 74.45% in 2013, almost increasing by 2 percentage points every year

focusing on the huge market of packaging and printing, the digital printing equipment accompanied by the development of digital technology also started to enter the packaging and printing enterprises in 2015, but the cost performance will ultimately determine the speed of digital printing entering the packaging and printing field

packaging and printing enterprises use digital printing equipment on a large scale. If they want to speed up, they will lose their due product profits during the market cultivation period; But hesitation may also miss a good opportunity to lose the packaging and printing market in case of an outbreak. What is tested here is the ability of enterprise leaders to grasp new technologies and market changes

it is proposed that cost performance will determine the speed at which digital printing enters the packaging printing field. The reasons are as follows:

first of all, the purpose of the enterprise is to make profits. When selecting the product processing method, as long as the customer does not specify the requirements, the enterprise will naturally choose the most economical and applicable production process to reduce costs and maximize profits

secondly, the decline in the volume of content printing has led more printing enterprises to enter the field of packaging and printing, which has intensified the competition in the packaging and printing circle, led to a decline in gross profit margin, and even forced some objects that are difficult to resist this cruel competition to exit. In order to cope with the competition, packaging and printing enterprises will certainly pay attention to the development of new technologies, new materials and new processes, and try to use them. However, the decline in gross profit margin also requires them to pay attention to the negative impact of the adoption of new technologies on the competition, and pay more attention to the cost performance of products, rather than having the confidence to make investment without thinking when there are full profits

again, up to now, personalized packaging is still in its infancy after all. In addition to the lower investment cost for wedding spraying equipment and the willingness of relatives to pay a considerable fee for products left with growth marks, customers are more concerned about product quality than printing technology

numerous facts tell us that when digital printing actively strives for short edition printing business, traditional printing also tries to reduce production costs through combined edition printing and other methods, so as to confront the challenge of digital printing. Moreover, this move is effective. At this drupa printing exhibition, Hangzhou Kelei, who is good at CTP equipment production, introduced the method of accurate ink supply according to the printing products to reduce the equipment debugging process after plate installation through local transformation of the ink supply system of Xiaoyuan printing equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing production costs. If this transformation achieves the set goal after a period of improvement, it will further skillfully guide and fully customizable, and enhance the competitiveness of traditional offset printing in competing with digital printing in the market of short version printing products

enterprises with the sole purpose of making profits want cost performance. The show is just for the excitement. In order to attract people's attention, cost reduction is the way to truly create benefits, because the packaging and printing enterprises that are gradually frozen due to excessive competition will put what benefits the new equipment can bring in front of all the problems that must be considered

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