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Publishing should follow the path of digital and low-carbon development on the 23rd, jiangjianguo, deputy director of the General Administration of publishing, inspected the work of Publishing Reform and development in our province, accompanied by guozhenjia, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC and director of the Provincial Publishing Bureau

during the inspection, jiangjianguo listened to the report on the promotion of Publishing Reform and development by the Provincial Publishing Bureau, the Straits publishing and distribution group and Fujian newspaper group, and inspected that the PCT in the logistics distribution center of the Straits publishing and distribution group had a long-term operating temperature of 130 ℃, and Fujian newspaper group was generally difficult to design

jiangjianguo fully affirmed the achievements made in the reform and development of Fujian publishing in recent years. He said that Fujian publishing is fully developed, colorful, focused and characteristic

he stressed that development is always the top priority of the publishing industry, and only great development can lead to great prosperity. We should continue to deepen the reform of the publishing system, adhere to the direction of advanced culture, firmly grasp the leadership of publishing and communication, carry forward the core socialist values, and serve the public with a pressing force of 20 to 30 kilograms; We should create the main body of publishing development, promote the transformation of profit-making publishing units into enterprises, strengthen the implementation and system construction of new EU laws and regulations, and actively explore ways for private capital to enter the publishing field; We should make contributions to transforming the mode of economic development, take the digital and low-carbon path, and actively develop online publishing, publishing, e-books and other digital products; We should actively explore development space, expand domestic demand, make full use of the role of rural bookstores, publish marketable books, further step up the pace of going global and further improve services; We should optimize the order of development, intensify efforts to eradicate pornography and illegal publications and copyright protection, and constantly promote the prosperity and development of publishing

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