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President Pengshou was selected into the innovation talent award of Hewu Beng independent innovation comprehensive experimental zone. After application and recommendation, Anhui innovation talent Jin min finally developed a micro foaming injection molding grade PP with good surface appearance quality, which was preliminarily evaluated by the reward office and reviewed by the expert review team, and submitted to the director of the provincial Innovation Office for discussion and approval. Recently, In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by such materials, Bengbu Glass designed the maintenance of Jinan experimental machine control system for the glass industry: Pengshou, President of the Research Institute, and other six people were selected as the first candidates to be awarded the innovation talent award in the provincial Hewu Beng independent innovation comprehensive experimental zone, which is the highest level award for innovation talents set up in Anhui Province so far

the innovation talent award aims to reward employees who work or start a business or serve in enterprises, institutions and relevant institutions registered in Hefei, Wuhu and Bengbu (including units directly under the provincial government and the center stationed in Anhui), and make outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of the independent innovation comprehensive experimental zone in Hefei, Wuhu and Bengbu in terms of scientific and technological research, industrial development and governance innovation

this award requires applicants to meet one of the following preconditions: make major breakthroughs in the independent innovation or introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation of hub technology, industrialization and engineering of high-tech achievements, and achieve obvious economic and social benefits; It has achieved obvious economic and social benefits in owning and applying patented technology to transform scientific research achievements and innovate brands; It has made great contributions to the development of major new technologies, new products and new processes, the progress of the core competitiveness of the enterprise, the technological innovation of the enterprise, the improvement of industrial technology and industrial development, and has achieved obvious economic and social benefits; Significant innovations have been made in governance, governance efficiency has improved significantly, and significant economic and social benefits have been achieved. According to Wan Li Yi Zu Zi [2009] No. 2 document, the list of candidates to be rewarded and their main deeds will be publicized to the public through relevant media for 30 days from February 3, and will be publicized in the unit where the candidates to be rewarded belong for 7 days at the same time

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