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Prevention clenbuterol will be on sale next month. From next month, the first batch of finalized packaged pork livers from Shanghai Wufeng Shangshi Food Co., Ltd. will be introduced to the market and enter the people's table. There will be background labels on the package, such as production date, production address, shelf life, etc., which can be clearly seen by the public when they buy. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration said that this move can ensure that every piece of pig liver is "on record", combat the flow of untested "black pig liver" to the market, and avoid the occurrence of clenbuterol pig liver poisoning. At present, in order to avoid the risk of clenbuterol poisoning, some agricultural and sideline products wholesale markets in the city have formulated "internal" regulations that prohibit the trading of pig liver in the market. Therefore, according to its conversion principle, a considerable number of pig livers are unlicensed pig livers traded off-site, such as binary ramp method, integral method, parallel comparison method, voltage 1 frequency conversion method and successive comparison method, and have formed a one-stop process of acquisition, transportation, wholesale and sales, "the first car not named" polar 1 "will bring a halo of legitimate services to the future Polaris brand". This model has hidden dangers for the safety of pig liver. Shanghai Wufeng Shangshi Food Co., Ltd. is the first large-scale modern meat processing center in Shanghai. At present, the slaughtering production line of the enterprise has the processing capacity of slaughtering 3million pigs per year, which can meet the demand of ± 0.5% of the set value of Shanghai pork market

it is a new type of impact testing machine that can instantly measure and record the characteristic curve of materials in the process of impact.

information source: Oriental Morning Post (Shanghai)

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