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Price increase: This is the price increase of automotive touch up paint

this time, it is the price increase of automotive touch up paint

March 19, 2019

2019. The price increase starts from automotive touch up paint

in March, the environmental protection supervision of Xuanwei, Nippon and Aishi Dexiang enterprises will be more strict, following a new round of price adjustment for automotive touch up paint products

when Xuanwei (Shanghai) coating Co., Ltd. issued the price adjustment notice to the dealers, it said that in recent years, due to a variety of objective factors, such as the rise in the market price of raw materials and the year-on-year rise in the labor price, the reciprocal of the finished product modulus is called the sharp rise in the compliance cost of Chinese coatings. The decision-making level decided to adjust the price system of the existing Xuanwei automotive touch up paint products. The specific price adjustment range shall be subject to the price officially released on april1,2019, and the new price will be officially implemented from april1,2019

since 2017, Xuanwei has increased the price 3 times in total. In november2017, Xuanwei raised the price of packaging coatings sold in the Chinese market by 15%~20%; In the same year, Xuanwei's high performance coatings group also raised the price of its products; In february2018, Xuanwei industrial heavy anti-corrosion and marine coatings division announced that it would increase the product price by 25%, which will be implemented on march1,2018

Nippon coatings (China) test speed can reach 0.001mm/min ⑴ 000mm/min Co., Ltd. issued the price adjustment notice of Nippon automotive touch up paint MC series products, saying that the price of curing agent as one of the raw materials has increased by more than 80%, and the prices of other packaging consumables and transportation costs are also rising continuously. MC series is a low profit product, and the cost increase has far exceeded the range that the company can afford. After careful consideration, it is planned to adjust the price of curing agent products from March 1, 2019

Ashtar paint systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. issued a notice on the price adjustment of automotive touch up paint, saying that with the normalization and standardization of national environmental protection, enterprises must pay more investment, including warehousing, logistics, packaging, etc., resulting in the continuous rise of comprehensive operating costs and the continuous and rapid growth of global chemical raw material prices. After careful consideration, the company has decided to pay a tax on Duli, a subsidiary of aiside, from March 23, 2019 ® Brand automotive touch up paint and Nason ® The price of brand automotive touch up paint shall be adjusted

in fact, since the end of last year, the price rise trend of industrial coatings in 2019 has been previewed. Previously, PPG said it would implement a 10% price increase for all its industrial coating products worldwide. This change will take effect on January 1st, 2019, or when permitted by the contract, and is applicable to all end use parts of industrial coatings

tim knavish, senior vice president of PPG industrial coatings, said, "the cost pressures of raw materials, freight, labor and so on have led to price increases. We will continue to work hard to offset costs and implement cost control measures throughout the supply chain to improve efficiency. Despite these efforts, we must revise prices to ensure that we can continue to provide customers with excellent technical support and solutions."

on December 10 last year, Beckers group said that it would raise the price of its main coiled materials and industrial coatings by 8% globally. This increase will be implemented in 2019, or as permitted by the contract. Boris gorella, CEO of Beckers group, pointed out that the continuous cost pressure of raw materials is the reason for the price rise

whether it is an international giant or a domestic small and medium-sized coating enterprise, the cost pressure caused by the rise of raw materials is unspeakable pain. Since the middle of February this year, the prices of dozens of domestic raw materials such as titanium dioxide, epoxy resin, polyester resin, MDI and ethylene oxide have increased by a large margin. 160 exterior wall coatings, and even the prices of titanium dioxide, resin, epichlorohydrin, MDI and other raw materials have increased in a short period of time, thus opening the curtain of the rise in the prices of raw materials for coatings in 2019

Fangxin resin, one of the largest resin manufacturers in China, began to raise the price of resin products, among which the whole line of vinyl resin products was raised to 21500 yuan/ton, an increase of 500 yuan/ton. Since November 2018, the price of epoxy resin has accelerated. As of January this year, the quotation of liquid epoxy resin has increased from 21300 yuan/ton on November 1 to 26500 yuan/ton, an increase of 24%. The rising pressure of resin raw materials has increased, making the rising sentiment of the market spread rapidly

on March 7, Pangang vanadium titanium, longmang Baili and other enterprises issued price adjustment letters one after another, raising the price of titanium dioxide at home and abroad. Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group vanadium and Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. issued a price increase notice, saying that from march8,2019, the tax base price of titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid method will be increased by 500 yuan/ton domestically and 100 dollars/ton internationally

according to the price adjustment letter of longmang Bailian Group Co., Ltd., from now on, the sales price of various models of titanium dioxide (including titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method and titanium dioxide by chlorination method) of the company will be increased by 500 yuan/ton for domestic customers and 100 dollars/ton for International customers on the basis of the original price

since 2018, coating prices have been rising. Xuanwei, PPG, AkzoNobel, Nippon, sankeshu, bards, garberry, China Resources, zhanchen, Bauhinia, GUKE, metus, Clivia and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have raised prices at least once. Almost every month, the prices of segmented coating brands rise, and almost all of them are led by foreign brands such as Xuanwei, duluxi, Nippon and Aishi, followed by domestic brands

this time, Xuanwei, Nippon, aiside and other enterprises took the lead in the field of automotive touch up paint. Does that mean that other enterprises' price increases are not far away

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