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Adhering to quality, innovation and empowerment, Jinyi family strives to build a hard core brand of doors and windows for the whole house

Abstract: looking back on the past few decades, with the upgrading of consumption taste, the door and window industry has been developing continuously in the ups and downs. The lead China has faded to its original color, and gold has been seen in the waves. In the rolling waves, the winner has always been an outstanding person with firm faith and dedication, rich in exploration and innovation

looking back on the past few decades, with the upgrading of consumer taste, the door and window industry has continued to move forward in the ups and downs, the lead China has faded to its true colors, and the waves have washed away before gold. In the rolling waves, the winner has always been an outstanding person with firm faith and dedication, rich in innovation and innovation

Foshan jinyishijia Group originated in Taiwan, China, China in 1971, invested in Foshan, China in 2002, and established Foshan jinyijia door industry Co., Ltd. in 2009, which specializes in the production and sales of high-end stainless steel entry doors. Under the leadership of chairman Yu Caijin, the Group continues to grow with excellent quality and strong innovation ability, and once again established jinyishijia door and window Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018 to enter the field of aluminum alloy doors and windows and sunshine houses, It has become one of the few enterprises in China that cover door and window products for entry doors and indoor doors

(Mr. Yu Caijin, chairman of jinyishijia group)

[persistent ingenuity and adhere to quality]

from the beginning of its establishment, jinyishijia adhered to the concept of "integrity-based, quality first" and pursued excellence in products. For more than ten years, Mr. Yu Caijin has actually insisted on doing one thing: doing the door well with his heart

the group has spared no expense to continuously introduce advanced numerical control processing equipment, and its stainless steel door flowers have fine workmanship and strong three-dimensional sense; The stainless steel door leaf is integrated, which is safer against theft and prying; Multi pass full welding treatment, high-quality hardware accessories, solid and durable

for upstream raw materials, jinyishijia also strictly controls. Only raw materials made of stainless steel 304 are used, and low-grade materials such as 201 are never used, so as to ensure that the products have high corrosion resistance and mechanical properties

the products of Jinyi family have a good reputation and are exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries, which effectively explains the craftsman spirit of "making the world fall in love with made in China"

"make door with heart and build home with love" is the brand slogan of Jinyi family and the action belief of all colleagues of Jinyi family

[innovation empowers development]

in an era of increasingly serious homogenization, only innovation can stand out and lead the competition

jinyishijia adheres to independent research and development, continues to build hard core competitiveness in innovation, and invests in product research and development at a certain proportion every year. At the same time, it adopts a strong incentive system to expand the research and development team. The company's research and development team has a keen touch, a sense of the times and innovative spirit, constantly weeding out the old and bringing forth the new, and promotes the industry forward with a number of patents every year

[supporting and supporting businesses to work together for win-win results]

the market of Jinyi family continues to expand, and a large number of dealers join in every year. Especially after the Group signed the endorsement of Hong Kong Red Star Tang Baoru in 2014 and unified the store image, the market expansion is overwhelming

in 2018, jinyishijia once again gave unprecedented advertising support to dealers, spent a lot of money to sign up with CCTV to establish a strategic partnership, and broadcast advertisements on CCTV1, 7 and 9 channels, sharing a brand feast with dealers across the country

the manufacturers are united, their profits are cut off, and the manufacturers are combined, invincible

[make every effort to build the hard core leader of the whole house doors and windows]

whole house customization has long become the general direction of the development of the home furnishing industry, and the door and window industry is still lagging behind, mainly because the materials of doors and windows are different, and the realization of whole house door and window customization needs to be based on strength. With more than 10 years of industry accumulation and strong strength, jinyishijia has made a strong entry into the field of aluminum alloy door and window production and processing in 2018, with a sword pointing to one-stop whole house door and window customization

the group will use its channel advantages, brand advantages and talent advantages to integrate all resources to build its core competitiveness, and forge ahead to the goal of "leading brand in door and window customization of the whole house"

referring to the strategic plan for 2019, director Yu said that this year is an important stage for jinyishijia to connect the past and the future. The company will take advantage of the Dongfeng of full house customization to deepen the strategic deployment of "large and comprehensive", and make full efforts in terminal construction, brand promotion, product innovation and other aspects to create industry poles

we firmly believe that jinyishijia group, which is brave in exploration and good at innovation, is bound to create brilliance and legend again

Foshan jinyishijia Group originated in Taiwan, China, China in 1971 and invested in Foshan, China in 2002. After years of development, it has successively established jinyijia door industry and jinyishijia door and window enterprises, specializing in the manufacturing and sales of stainless steel entry doors, aluminum alloy doors and windows, sunshine rooms, indoor ecological doors, bathroom doors, and providing one-stop customization services for the integration of door and window systems in the whole house. The group has a number of tactile A technology research and development team with a sense of the times and innovative spirit, as well as complete production equipment

jinyishijia Group signed a contract with Hong Kong Red Star Tang Baoru in 2014 and CCTV strategic partner in 2018. It has a number of jinyishijia brand stores across the country and is a well-known enterprise in the industry. The group adheres to the concept of "quality, integrity and innovation", forge ahead, and is committed to building a "well-known brand in the door and window industry of the whole house"

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