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first of all, if you choose to join the whole house assembly, you must choose a truly powerful enterprise. The stronger the enterprise, the more support it will give to the brand, and the more guaranteed it will be. In the initial stage of understanding an enterprise, we may not be very clear about some other situations. At this time, we can start from the time of establishment of the enterprise

don't underestimate this, especially in the whole house decoration industry. Because the whole house decoration is in a big fire now, many enterprises have been established in this year or two in order to get a share. Their strength and mode are worth studying. There are indeed many swindler companies

if we want to check the relevant enterprise information, we need to go to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, and then enter the full name of the company, which will have a detailed record of the establishment time, business scope and even violations of the enterprise. Observe the brand promotion and sales channels. It's easy to understand that the greater the promotion, the more people you know naturally, and the better the business

in terms of sales channels, the headquarters does not carry out retail and wholesale, and only investors act as agents to open franchised stores. Investors should go to the production base to investigate on the spot. They need to pay attention to whether the factory is owned by the brand or OEM. Of course, the owned ones have better protection after the agency, which will well avoid the risks caused by the brand falling out with the factory and being unable to produce

next, we need to look at the number of production lines. The more production lines, the better the business situation will be. However, we need to pay attention to whether all the products produced by the production line are brand products and whether the production line is in operation. Some brands just use these as a cover

on the one hand, the market is relatively standardized, on the other hand, it is also the most important, which is very conducive to agents. The company has done a lot of brand promotion, attracting all the owners to enter the agency store to buy. The company and investors are seamlessly bound, which is a long-term sustainable development

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