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In order to expand the market and enhance the popularity of pinai brand! Pinai whole house customization held a large-scale investment promotion meeting in Changsha, Hunan at 12:18 on May 12, 2017. On the day of the meeting, lizhiqiang, pinai home marketing director, attended the meeting in person

at the meeting, general manager Li, the marketing director, introduced in detail the whole house customized products such as pinai cabinets and wardrobes. With diamond like quality, perfect appearance and excellent performance, the company's products attracted many customers to consult and negotiate! The atmosphere was warm, and three county-level monopolies reached cooperation on the scene

the investment promotion conference was a perfect success, which not only increased the confidence of local dealers, but also made a good start for our county-level layout of pinai

at noon on May 12, the special investment promotion meeting of "pinai whole house customized Changsha station" was grandly held in Changsha Gaoqiao Vienna Hotel, and the scene was very lively

lizhiqiang, the marketing director of pinai home, once again conquered the audience with her more than ten years of sales expertise, marketing experience, dedication to the industry and an open pattern

different from other investment promotion meetings, President Li threw out dry goods at the beginning. First, he led the bosses to make a dynamic analysis of the whole house customization industry, and showed you details from store opening and decoration, model rooms, to the seamless connection of factory production

at the marketing level, as the manufacturer at the top of the supply chain, with the popularity of the Internet, it is facing difficulties such as information transparency, fierce price competition, increased costs, reduced profits, lack of talents, and difficult promotion. Pinai solves the problems for the bosses one by one:

how does the subsidy of 1:500 yuan per square meter decorate an exhibition hall

how to effectively convert the 2:30% model payment into purchase payment

dilemma 3: from single products to whole house customization, how to achieve a sharp increase in profits through cross-border marketing

dilemma 4: Online drainage completes the F2C transformation, cooperates with the organization Rally machine created by the team charm, and realizes the lighthouse plan to achieve the trust all the way

various new models emerging with the industry can bring many opportunities and make people eager to move, but the bosses are confused because of their lack of expertise, and they don't know where to start

at the meeting, President Li first led you to distinguish the concept of customized home, strip away the heavy haze, quickly grasp the key relationships among various roles from the overall situation of the industry, and explained in detail how to create an inseparable strong relationship between "whole house customized single value improvement and cost control" and "small means and production end are seamlessly connected in today's high technology"

where you sow, you harvest. If sales is only around the seven sins of human nature, emphasizing "subsidies", "discounts" and concessions, it will only bring more and more loyal customers. A really good product may be unknown due to lack of marketing, or be forced into price competition due to lack of promotion

the "lighthouse plan" brought by pinai home is different from acting as a wholesale agent, from group buying, not a bargaining meeting, nor a wechat business. Instead, it unites the role of manufacturers with dealers, and has "common interests", because such parallelism allows manufacturers and dealers to closely bind and highly trust the community of interests

all relationship building closely revolves around two essence: the essence of returning to business and the essence of service

it will eventually lead to the win of physical stores, product manufacturers, the development of pinai home, and customers' benefit from service

let's take a look at the guests' Sharing:

"where is this investment promotion meeting? It's basically a professional course, with a lot of dry goods."

"President Li's thorough analysis has cleared my doubts about the customization of the whole house today."

"the knowledge brought by President Li has made me completely change my thinking. It was wrong for such a good manufacturer to put sales pressure on employees in the past. In fact, being unfamiliar with it is an excuse, so I won't take detours early."

"I never thought of this idea, which is more reliable than many manufacturers."

"we must change the old routine, or we will be kidnapped forever."

"I didn't come to the headquarters last time. Thank you so much for inviting me this time. It's worth it!"


figure: are there any more ideas for on-site guests to have a deep exchange with pinai manager? The summary can only be general, and the highlight is always on the spot

at the end of the investment promotion meeting, the lighthouse plan for 2017 was announced. Pinai home only selected 20 regions to focus on support this year to help everyone improve the store sales ability. Store owners made money. This plan made everyone feel more practical and reliable

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