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Welcome the golden autumn and send blessings. Zhejiang Cohen appliance wishes all families a happy mid autumn festival. The autumn wind is cool. After experiencing the heat of midsummer, the Mid Autumn Festival arrives in the cool wind. In order to ensure that the employees have a good holiday, thank the employees for their hard work and stimulate their enthusiasm for work, Cohen appliances prepared the mid autumn festival gifts early and distributed the benefits to each employee in advance on September 10, expressing its greetings to all employees

at the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon is getting round. The ancients regarded the full moon as a symbol of reunion, so it was also called "reunion day" on August 15. So far, during the Mid Autumn Festival, moon cakes are still listed as a holiday delicacy, fed by moon cakes, taking the meaning of reunion. Among the gifts that Cohen appliance prepares for each employee, there are moon cake gifts

"every traditional festival, the company will give us holiday gifts. Each holiday gift makes us feel the company's care for us and feel warm in our hearts." An employee said with deep feeling after receiving the Mid Autumn Festival gift from the company. At the distribution site, every employee's face was filled with joy, and welfare was held in his hand, but warm in his heart

since its establishment, Cohen Electric has always focused on the culture of "enterprise is your second home". In hot summer, the company regularly delivers cold drinks and cool fruits to employees. "Employees are the greatest wealth of the enterprise and the basic pursuit of the stable development of the enterprise. It has become the practice of Cohen company to distribute holiday benefits to employees. It is also a way to thank employees for their hard work and express their blessings and love for employees. This also virtually improves the sense of belonging and stability of employees and enhances the cohesion of the enterprise." Yu Feng, general manager of Cohen electric appliance, said

my deep blessing has made the Cohen family feel the deep love and warmth of the enterprise in this osmanthus fragrance Festival. Cohen relies on people, improves people, respects people, and serves people. Cohen people know gratitude and will be grateful. This is also the essence and charm of Zhejiang Cohen's sustained and rapid development over the past eight years. Here, Cohen appliance sincerely wishes all Cohen family and customers nationwide a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and everything goes well




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