Leaders of the provincial forestry department visi

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On the afternoon of August 23, the director of Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department and other leaders gave guidance on production and other related work at the company's general manager Mumen production headquarters

at about 4:00 p.m. on August 23, Wang Pingping, director of the Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department, came to the wooden door; In terms of the design of new processes, it is through a large number of surveys of customers' consumption needs, listening to their own aspirations, and the consideration of all aspects of the professional design team that we continue to innovate, innovate, and surprise consumers

during the visit, director Wang set a benchmark and example for the wooden door industry

after listening to the guidance and suggestions of director Wang, manager Zhang also represented the wooden door to build a more southwest characteristic, and then to a higher level in the future development




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