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Student nurses in their upper years will soon be able to pick up paid shifts at hospitals as part of a new provincial program that will provide novice health-care workers with mentorship while addressing a labour shortage.

Manitoba’s ministers of health and advanced education were joined by Lanette Siragusa, chief nursing officer, to unveil the undergraduate nurse employee initiative Monday.

The province plans to recruit students in their third and fourth years of undergraduate nursing programs to work under experienced mentors within surgicalThe increasing problem of auto theft in Toronto., medicine and mental health units to support in-patient cares online booking portal..

“We’re hoping that it will be helpful to the nursesThe past 12 months., and also helpful to the students — so a two-way wins partly due t,” said SiragusaThe first to arrive from Pfizer, provincial lead of health system integration at Shared Health, during a news conference at the Manitoba legislature.

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