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Exclusive interview with the head of Yiao hardware tools innovation boosts brand development

driven by modern high-tech, various high-tech industries have developed very rapidly, such as petrochemical industry, semiconductor, aerospace, etc., and the development of any enterprise is inseparable from many assistants. In Longgang District of Shenzhen City, there is a helper related to the survival of many high-tech enterprises - Yiao hardware tools, which uses pure water machines, deionization machines and other products to assist many enterprises and has gained trust. What is the reason why the brand has won the trust of many enterprises on this road of assistance? In order to answer this question, an exclusive interview was conducted with MS. zhouxiaomin, head of Yiao hardware tools

"there are many reasons why brands are deeply trusted. The main reason is innovation, which can promote brand development. Because the products produced originally belong to high-tech category, and now high-tech is constantly updated and iterated, products naturally have to follow the mainstream and innovate constantly, so as to bring quality products to more high-tech enterprises." Ms. Zhou, the head of Yiao hardware tools, said with a satisfied smile, "thanks to continuous innovation, the partners of the brand have been growing, from university scientific research bases, biotechnology companies to machinery manufacturing companies, medicinal materials companies, new materials companies, etc., almost all over the world. This has also expanded the market influence of the brand, improved its popularity, and helped the brand develop to a higher level."

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(Yiao hardware tools product map)

in the communication with Ms. Zhou, I learned that Yiao hardware tools has established an innovative R & D department since its establishment, and now has a stable elite team, which can independently develop and quickly update products. According to Ms. Zhou, before updating products, the brand will conduct a lot of Market Research on consumer groups, understand the difficulties faced by enterprises when using products and some new requirements for products, take the initiative to contact and master some high-tech, introduce more advanced machinery and equipment, and optimize and upgrade products. In this process, every small detail of the product will undergo tens of thousands of tests to achieve the purpose of innovation. In the process of continuous optimization, Yiao hardware tools has accumulated more innovative technologies, which has become the "booster" of brand development and accelerated brand development

(exhibition map of Yiao hardware tool R & D base)

referring to the innovation of the products, Ms. Zhou gushed. She said that most of the products under the brand have gathered many "innovation points". Taking the pure water machine as an example, the brand has carried out loading innovation on the water inlet joint pipe for many times according to the loading speed, properly regulating the speed valve, and adopting the quick connect joint pipe with advanced technology, saying goodbye to the cumbersome operation, but also more durable; At the up water intake, the brand abandoned the more traditional on-off valve and adopted the intelligent control of one key water intake, which can avoid the problem of water leakage; Importantly, the brand continues to innovate the filter element of the pure water machine. On the basis of RO reverse osmosis membrane, it adds ultrafiltration membrane

four-stage ultra pure water column progressive filtration, making the filtration more complete and the purity of water higher. Once the product was launched, it was immediately ordered by many partners, and the monthly order volume reached thousands, further strengthening the brand's popularity

at the end of the interview, it was difficult to identify the yield point. Ms. Zhou revealed to her that now, the brand not only continues to innovate in products, but also has a loss of 11.7 billion yuan in marketing methods (3.13 billion yuan in the whole industry); The total production capacity of inorganic salt products in 2015 was continuously upgraded to 110 million tons, integrating the current mainstream marketing trends and product characteristics, and summarizing innovative marketing suitable for brand development

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