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Exectweets promotes the online sponsorship mode of "cooperation between the two factories". The most interesting thing about exectweets is that it creates another possibility of "plain people writing together" content stations. We all love "writing together", because theoretically, if a group of people can operate a station together, as long as everyone makes a little effort, the content can be endless and endless? However, this is a merit. A successful "co writing content station" requires several elements, one of which is an endless stream of topics. The topics must be accumulated quickly, so that these people will want to "spit out" (sorry's disgusting description) as if they were too full. In general, it is not easy for a person to accumulate so many things in a long article blog. Writing a long article requires long-term training to get a lot of "spit out", Many people's business leaders lie in others, and they don't have the habit of writing regularly, so we know that the common blog has never been successful. However, exectweets rekindled our enthusiasm for "writing together". What if we put together the twitter of "plain people" in one site? Sharing on the micro blog, there is no pressure, anytime, anywhere, relaxed and enjoyable. These big people absorb a lot of things that ordinary people can't receive every day, and they all have something to say. They directly say to people in the company that they feel strange or waste everyone's time, so they write it on Twitter and become a habit. Everyone doesn't "vomit" much. Just vomit a little, often, and collect more people. This "pen sharing" station is wonderful. What's better is that exectweets doesn't agree with these "big people" at all. It's a super wonderful new content station that can be updated at any time

however, "co writing" is not the best part of exectweets. Popurls' cooperation with Intel's "word changing dragon" and "Theme Pavilion" written a long time ago is similar, but exectweets has another special place -

in fact, exectweets is not a site that Twitter contacts Microsoft, nor is it Microsoft's initiative to find twitter. It is done by a blog marketing company called "federated media" (FM for short). It specially receives some advertising cases and submits them to some large blogs or blog media for implementation and wide coverage. Usually, such an intermediary advertising company is just "mentioned" in the draft. What you see is the happy cooperation between "Twitter" and "Microsoft"

however, this time is different! FM appears in exectweets with an unusually high profile and is listed as "CO produced", and all emails are directed to FM, not twitter or Microsoft. FM also said publicly that it may cooperate with other manufacturers to launch tricks similar to exectweets in the future

it seems that the real "protagonist" of exectweets and the real "mirror hiding man" behind exectweets should be this federated media

as expected, FM "means what it says. After impacting the sample, it can use the residual energy to automatically swing", and the starting speed is also very fast. Before the end of last week, it immediately launched another station "marchetweetness" taking advantage of twitter. This station is based on the "March Madness" of NCAA this year, so that basketball fans can see all the tweets of the same game through Twitter Compared with the old electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine, this testing machine has the following advantages. If you want to join the discussion, you can join the discussion of the game by adding "#" before what you want to say and the name of the team after it. Guess, this station also has a super sponsor, which is - "at t"

therefore, FM has another city

if you don't stand at hand now, but you want to touch it? Then, you might as well learn the practice of Federated media. Federated media is really the silent big winner of this event. Just as twitter admitted in its blog that FM has made up for their shortcomings (it sounds a little helpless) they have thought about many practices, but they are unable, have no time and resources to implement them, and are even unable to negotiate with advertisers. Therefore, if you can make a station, you can use the existing resources of the station to form a station similar to exectweets, and then talk with the advertiser. After talking, go back to the parent station (that is, twitter). Both sides are big manufacturers, and the price and conditions are high when cooperating. Therefore, although you are a middleman, although you are small, because neither side can do it, the station belongs to you, Therefore, FM will not receive too little

therefore, the most interesting thing this time is not the new profit model of twitter, but the new profit model of FM! When you see that FM is doing so well, you may be ready to move immediately. Entrepreneurs are expected to set off another wave of imitation. The idea of exectweets is actually super simple, just integrating several people. What entrepreneurs can do is to integrate where they live first, perhaps in an interesting industry. All the big people who use twitter can bring some traffic by opening a station

interestingly, as mentioned before, it took a year and a half for the "Reebok" marketing station to achieve its goal. This "marketing activity" is obviously more interesting. Such a marketing activity is not only a month or two, but it is obviously long-term, and it is launched in stages. I think it will be very interesting for Web 2.0 stations. It is not to build a large billboard (buy advertisements) outside this big park, nor to paste "Microsoft" stickers (adoption channel) on some amusement facilities in this big park. It is to open another small park next to this park, which uses the water and electricity of the big park and will continue to run forever. Some people will come to this small park, and Microsoft will do everything to make this small park better and better. Its water and electricity will always come from the big park and will never fall down, which also means that it will always rely on the big park. For Microsoft, it did sign up and own that little paradise, so it is very safe within its scope. It's all because this station uses the "Hydropower" of the parent station, so this is a win-win "long-term" cooperation plan

such a "long-term" cooperation method should be quite suitable for large factories. Because Dachang has never seen such a way, it is also willing to spend some money to sponsor such a small station for one year at a time, which also helps the momentum of this small station because of the brand of Dachang. However, if all this is not facilitated by FM, it is also a mere idle talk. FM has created an amazing profit space for itself by wisdom. Now let's wait and see how FM's game of desperately promoting "cooperation between the two factories" will continue to develop

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