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This kind of exhibition material is both environmentally friendly and efficient

release date: Source: Shenzhen business daily

it is bright on the stage and messy under the stage. Shenzhen holds countless exhibitions every year, and how to deal with solid waste has become the focus of attention. Recently, Shenzhen Langhui Exhibition Co., Ltd. organized the media to visit the production line of its factory in Dongguan. According to the interview, the company is a technological innovation and R & D enterprise in the exhibition industry. The all paper environmental protection exhibition building materials produced by the company are paper exhibition appliances made of recycled cardboard and corrugated paper after fire-retardant treatment, which can basically achieve 100% recycling, will not pollute the environment, and avoid fire-fighting and safety hazards caused by wood or other combustible materials

China's exhibition industry has shown a trend of rapid growth and has become a new engine for the development of the global exhibition industry. Relevant data show that at present, China's Convention and exhibition industry has more than 1000 yuan per year. In fact, there is also a very important component billion yuan. 90% of the exhibition investment is used for exhibition arrangement, and more than 80% of the exhibition materials are disposable wood materials, glass and spray-painted cloth, as well as non degradable PVC and KT board materials. Therefore, a large amount of dust, debris and toxic substances released by a large number of adhesives will be produced on site, causing environmental pollution in the venues, Moreover, the exhibition layout and construction use cycle is only 5-6 days, and the end of each exhibition is the birth of a "garbage dump"

models in the shape of cosmetics, Christmas Castle, children's paradise, exhibition stands of high-tech products... When visiting Langhui Dongguan factory, I found that there was no smell of formaldehyde here, and all of them were recyclable and reusable green recycled paper displays. "Compared with other iron, wood and acrylic materials, paper exhibition equipment has more changeable shapes, can be recycled and recycled, and has low production cost, small volume and light weight, which can effectively reduce production energy consumption. In short, it is more environmentally friendly, low-cost, efficient and convenient. Moreover, this environmentally friendly way of exhibition arrangement is offline production and on-site assembly, which can greatly shorten the time of exhibition arrangement and removal, and effectively improve the utilization rate of each exhibition venue 。 At present, we have designed nearly 100 sets of display schemes for sinusoidal vibration experiments; Random vibration experiment; Exhibitors choose. " Said Yu Zhihong, general manager of Shenzhen Langhui exhibition company

Shenzhen Langhui Exhibition Co., Ltd. revealed that the company will cooperate with relevant green environmental protection construction enterprises to comprehensively build a green exhibition system, promote green exhibition certification, and participate in the formulation of green exhibition standards. At the same time, promote the technological innovation of green exhibition equipment and establish an exhibition waste recycling mechanism, hoping to play a demonstration effect on the construction of green environmental protection in our city

"through the implementation of smart exhibition, green environmental protection construction, reducing the emission of exhibition solid waste, we can realize the green and sustainable development of the exhibition industry, solve difficulties for the government and benefit the people." Yu Zhihong said that this is the original intention of Shenzhen Langhui Exhibition Co., Ltd. for many years. It is understood that the "Shenzhen green exhibition engineering and technology research and development base" led by Shenzhen Langhui Exhibition Co., Ltd. will work with Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center to build an exhibition base to promote green environmental protection and wisdom Display mode: data and curves are dynamically displayed with the experimental process; As the core "green exhibition engineering technology research and development center", the park will provide continuous technical solution support for the exhibition industry to ensure the leading position of Shenzhen exhibition in technology

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