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The exhaust gas seriously exceeded the standard, and a glass enterprise in Shandong was fined 400000

the Ministry of ecological environment announced to the society the list of 115 key pollutant discharge units whose automatic monitoring data of the leading quarter in 2019 seriously exceeded the standard, and listed and supervised the environmental problems of major pollutants discharged by 6 key pollutant discharge units that seriously exceeded the standard. Six in Shandong, involving one in Tai'an

Shandong Taishan Shengliyuan Glass Co., Ltd. of Tai'an was listed. "Tianyancha" information shows that the company is located in Guli Town, Xintai City. It was registered and established in Xintai Administration for Industry and Commerce on February 20, 2000. The business scope of the company includes the production and sales of glass bottles and cans, glass products, product scientific and technological research and development and technical services

the problem of Shandong Taishan Shengliyuan Glass Co., Ltd. is that the exhaust gas seriously exceeds the standard. The former Xintai Environmental Protection Bureau issued a notice on ordering Shandong Shengliyuan Glass Co., Ltd. to rectify the problems of more and more enterprises in the field of hard insulation material manufacturers' reputation or reputation, and to join the team of wind and sand prevention on January 31, February 11 and February 25, 2019, respectively, Order the enterprise to do its best to load the experimental load and adopt the hydraulic principle to quickly find out the reasons for the excessive monitoring data and return to normal; On February 18, 2019, Tai'an Ecological Environment Bureau issued the decision on ordering the enterprise to correct illegal acts; On April 26, 2019, Tai'an Ecological Environment Bureau issued the decision on administrative punishment to the enterprise, punishing the tester with a choice of 400000 yuan

in terms of geographical distribution, seven provinces (regiments) in Shanxi (31), Liaoning (11), Hebei (6), Shandong (6), Henan (6), Gansu (6) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps (6) ranked first in the number of units seriously exceeding the standard, with a total of 72, accounting for 62.6% of the total number of units seriously exceeding the standard

in terms of type distribution, there are 58 waste gas units, accounting for 50.4% of the total number of units seriously exceeding the standard, including 25 heat supply units, and the remaining 33 units are involved in metal smelting, chemistry, chemical fertilizer, energy exploitation, petroleum, papermaking, pesticides, manufacturing and other industries; 13 waste water units, accounting for 11.3% of the total; There are 44 sewage treatment plants, accounting for 38.2% of the total

among them, six sewage discharge units, including Linyi Branch of Yuncheng Shanxi Yangmei Fengxi fertilizer industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Yuncheng Shanxi Jianlong Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanxi Xiangfen sewage treatment plant, Shanxi Tianzhen Guangxia Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Jilin Nong'an Haige urban sewage treatment Co., Ltd. and Hainan Ding'an Hainan Water Investment Co., Ltd. (Ding'an sewage treatment plant), have been repeatedly investigated and committed Long term over standard problem. The Ministry of ecological environment decided to list and supervise the above-mentioned six sewage discharge units to deal with the problem of serious excessive sewage discharge and environmental violations, so as to effectively transmit pressure, implement and promote the sewage discharge units to meet the discharge standards

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