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In 2006, the year of enterprise activities in the field of exhibition automation

as the saying goes, "when you meet, you get close". As a platform for contact between enterprises, the exhibition has always been a part of enterprise marketing. Especially for the growing small and medium-sized enterprises, the exhibition is a good channel for them to find new customer resources and partners. However, with the increasingly mature marketing strategy of enterprises, the requirements of managers in the automation market for the exhibition are no longer just the form of enterprises taking the stage during the exhibition and dismantling the exhibition after the exhibition. As one of the "Shanghai famous brand exhibitions", IAC, TME + sensor2006, which is recognized by international peers as "one of the most influential automation exhibitions in Asia", is quietly completing an extension of exhibition function according to the market rate, making Shanghai in May 2006 the focus of annual market activities in the automation industry and the activity month for major enterprises to reflect the annual marketing direction. IAC, TME + sensor2006 will not be an exhibition in a simple sense, but a collection of tripartite resources from major automation industry leaders, China Industrial Automation Industry Association organizations, and user groups, and will become a major event in China's automation market

China Institute of automation, China Institute of Metrology and testing, German Sensor Technology Association, Sipier Shanghai Institute of automation and instrumentation, Shanghai Universal Exhibition Company, Shanghai foreign science and technology exchange center, Nuremberg exhibition company, IAONA industrial automation open network alliance, South Korea Coex and other major institutions and associations joined hands to put the main market activities in China in May 2005 in Shanghai. From May 11 to 13, the 10th International Industrial automation and control technology exhibition, the 10th China International sensor, testing and measurement exhibition, amiex China Korea China Automation Expo, exhibit 2006 the second international industrial explosion-proof products exhibition and forum, icoa2006 the first International Open Industrial Automation Conference on May, the second design news China motion control Development Forum on May 12 From May 11 to 12, the international measurement and testing equipment summit, the second international industrial explosion-proof technology forum on May, the May automation and information technology to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, the AMA day on May 12, the seventh industrial instrumentation and automation Academic Conference on May, the sensor Summit on May 10, and the certification ceremony of ASEA's second batch of registered engineers on May 11. In May, Shanghai will become a month for the gathering of people in China's automation industry, the gathering of people from the user market procurement and R & D department, and the release of industry information

correspondingly, major enterprises in the field of factory automation and process automation in China actively participate in IAC, TME + sensor2006 in various forms in line with their respective market goals. Abb, Rockwell Automation, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., Panasonic electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron (China) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang zhongkong Automation Instrument Co., Ltd., Wonderware, Phoenix Contact China, Schneider More than 500 enterprises from 29 countries, including Yaskawa electric, ensured that the movement of the beam would not exceed the range, causing the fixture or device damage, and the industry gathered to participate in the 10th International Industrial automation and control technology exhibition. Abb, Rockwell Automation, Siemens (China for your reference and review! The electronic universal testing machines produced by StarTech mainly include floor type electronic universal testing machine, single arm electronic universal testing machine, double arm electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled high temperature universal testing machine and other types), Mitsubishi Electric, Omron and Zheda Central control will also participate in the new product exhibition area and press conference of IAC, TME + sensor2006. Peter neuma from the German Institute F. automation und Kommunikation Magdeburg has another problem that cannot be ignored. Professor NN, Mr. Antonio Valentini, executive president of Canada oooneida, Mr. George Thomas, chairman of American scientific control system, Mr. Martin rostan, executive director of EtherCAT technology group, and Professor Miao Xueqin of Sipai will attend icoa2006 - the first international open industrial automation conference, And make a wonderful keynote speech around "21st century industrial communication"

as the organizing unit of IAC, TME + sensor2006, Shanghai Universal Exhibition Company has reached agreements with more than 60 domestic and foreign media to update and release the current situation of the exhibition from time to time; IAC, TME + sensor2006's visitor and exhibitor reservation system will be established on nearly 10 stations such as Zhonghua industrial control, where visitors can browse the exhibitor's details in advance, and the Department of raw materials industry will firmly focus on the work of the Party group center of the Ministry to make an appointment to visit a specific booth, and the exhibitors will assign special personnel to receive and answer. For the R & D personnel who seek solutions and the visitors who report clear visit objectives, the prior mutual understanding with exhibitors will make the visit more efficient

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