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The influence of packaging materials on the adsorption of orange juice


the packaging materials used for liquid food include glass, metal, paper and synthetic plastics, but the largest amount is plastic packaging. This is mainly due to its low energy consumption, high stability, low storage and transportation costs, but the absorption of flavor substances in fruit juice drinks by packaging materials is a headache. Research shows that polyester can make 40% of limonene in orange juice lose, and the lower the depth of juice, the stronger the adsorption capacity of packaging materials for volatile substances. The adsorption process of diluting flavor substances into synthetic plastics includes four steps: adsorption on the surface, adhesion, inhalation and diffusion

polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PE) are the linings of commonly used aseptic packaging. Surlyn is between polypropylene or polyester and aluminum foil. By studying the adsorption of essence on various packaging materials, producers can help reduce the adsorption of packaging materials on flavor as much as possible. Here, taking orange juice as an example, through the research on the change trend of adsorption rate of several packaging materials on the adsorption time and adsorption temperature of typical aromatic components in orange juice, it is analyzed that the printed structure of packaging materials also has the different effects of micropores on the aromatic substances in orange juice, which is difficult to obtain by conventional 3D printing, so as to reduce the change of packaging materials on the flavor of fruit juice

through experiments, we can see that from the analysis of the changes of the three aromatic components in orange juice at different temperatures, the influence of temperature on the adsorption rate is not very obvious. From the changes of sweet orange essential oil before and after extraction, the recovery rate of the extracted oil can basically reach more than 97%

influence of packaging materials on the adsorption of aromatic components

from the adsorption of several packaging materials in the figure below, LDPE has the strongest ability to adsorb essence components, which is related to its large amorphous phase area and low crystallization. The adsorption and diffusion of aromatic substances are mainly carried out in the amorphous phase area, and the crystal area contains solid small pieces that will prevent the diffusion of molecules. Terpenes are lipophilic substances that are easy to diffuse to the amorphous phase of polymeric packaging materials. S has low crystallinity and weak adsorption. S contains low-level covalent bonds with Zn2 + carboxyl groups, which change the lipophilic properties of the polymer surface. H to improve the overall profitability of the business, the adsorption rate of DPE and PP is also low, mainly because their crystalline polymers are harder than LDPE and s, and are more resistant to the diffusion of aromatic substances. Limonene is recognized as a solvent that can enter the amorphous region of the polymer as a carrier of other components, and its lipophilicity is also conducive to diffusion into the interior of the packaging material. Limonene entering the interior of the packaging material will also cause the solvent of the packaging material, and its lipophilicity is also conducive to diffusion into the packaging material. Limonene entering the interior of the packaging material will also cause the expansion of the packaging material. Adsorption will cause changes in physical properties of LDPE polymer surface. It can be seen from this that the first two are hot inlaid fillers, and the properties of polymers and aromatics are the guarantee of maintaining packaging and product quality. HDPE and PP are suitable packaging materials for orange juice. Adsorption rate (%) of several packaging materials aromatic substances low density polyester high density polyester polypropylene saran limonene 62312757 linanol 10.2 6.3 5.8 8 August September therefore, it is particularly suitable for all kinds of coatings that need to withstand long-term high-temperature baking and extreme external conditions cinnamene 58243363. It can be seen that packaging materials are an important factor affecting the flavor of fruit juice. With the wide application of aseptic packaging equipment, plastic materials are more and more used in the packaging of fruit juice drinks, but different kinds of plastics have aromatic substance adsorption problems to varying degrees. When choosing packaging materials, on the one hand, we should consider safety and non-toxic, on the other hand, we should also consider whether the flavor adsorption is small

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