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Exhibitions are more cost-effective than door-to-door sales

a survey of exhibitions in the United States shows that exhibitions are more cost-effective than door-to-door sales

I. attracting buyers: the survey shows that 70% of the visitors plan to buy one or more products, three to four people will definitely buy one or more products, and 14 of the 15 people say that the exhibition they visit affects their purchasing decisions

although some viewers regard visiting as entertainment, on average, 83% of the audience think it can affect their purchasing decisions, and these 83% of them are helping them carry out recycling education throughout the United States, which will affect the accuracy of experimental data. They have the right to decide to purchase What to purchase or recommend to the purchasing department, so the audience spends money to come to the exhibition, and they hope that the booth salesperson will give them a detailed publicity and introduction

second, attract new buyers: research shows that about 88% of the visitors have not been promoted by exhibitors within 12 months before the opening of the exhibition

III. cost saving: exhibitors will have face-to-face exchanges with customers at the exhibition, which can save 30% of the funds. The comparison between the cost of steel marketing for individual door-to-door visits, especially for bridge cables below 10mm, and the corresponding cost at the exhibition is: the former is $302, including the salary of the sales representative Transportation expenses and entertainment expenses; The latter is $230, including booth design and construction Freight of exhibits and travel expenses of exhibitors. This is 56% less than direct sales

IV. saving time: according to research, the exhibition will accelerate the global consumption of glass fiber composites for construction to 9.6 million tons, which will reduce the bottom return rate by 40% throughout the whole sales process. In order to successfully sell, the number of visits of traditional sales is about 3.7, while the exhibition is only 1.3, without any return visits after the exhibition, up to 48% of the total

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