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Exclusive interview with the vice president of app (China) of golden light group: China's huge market potential and the driving force for the sustainable development of foreign enterprises

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"The industrial structure of all industries in China is changing, and it is constantly developing towards digital technology and intelligence. Many of them have reached the high-end core stage. As foreign-funded enterprises, we have witnessed the changes in China over the past 30 years. Enterprises must also keep pace with the times. Now China's huge market potential is driving you forward." Zhai Jingli, vice president of app (China) of golden light group, said in an exclusive interview recently

as a leading enterprise in the global paper industry, app (China), an Indonesian overseas Chinese enterprise, has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for nearly 30 years. It has more than 30 wholly-owned or controlled pulp and paper enterprises and 17 forestry companies in China, making it one of the world's largest pulp and paper group companies

in Zhai Jingli's view, since the 13th five year plan, China's business environment has been constantly optimized with the deepening of reforms such as streamlining administration and delegating power, combining decentralization and management, and optimizing services. The full implementation of the foreign investment law and its implementation regulations, and the further reduction of the negative list of foreign investment access have also brought many benefits to enterprises. High quality development is an important task for China's development during the 14th Five Year Plan period. As a leading enterprise in the global paper industry, app (China) of golden light group takes the realization of "carbon neutrality" and the promotion of "paper instead of plastic" and other sustainable development strategies as the future development direction, leading China's paper industry to achieve high-quality and sustainable development

"during the 14th Five Year Plan period, we should implement the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and promote China's paper industry to enter a new stage of high-quality development. Due to the industrial model of 'Forest Pulp paper integration', app has a green gene in realizing carbon neutralization, and we will achieve carbon peak by 2030 or even earlier in accordance with national policies." Zhai Jingli pointed out

for the paper industry, Zhai Jingli bluntly said that there is also a certain pressure to achieve real sustainable development. While enjoying the policy dividends given by the state to (1) new materials talent intelligence training project, enterprises should also reflect their own competitiveness. "The standards of China and the world are constantly in line, the environmental protection standards are constantly improving, the market competition is also more intense, and the whole industry will face integration."

the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises themselves is an important aspect of integrated development. In Zhai Jingli's view, digital transformation and upgrading cannot be separated from the "four refactorings", namely, the reconstruction of business processes, the reconstruction of products and services, the reconstruction of business models, and the reconstruction of customer experience

"when making digital transformation, we should break the original thinking mode and reorganize each link. At the same time, we should use the concept of big data to graft the upstream and downstream supply chains and industrial chains of enterprises onto the integrated platform, playing a real role in end-to-end connectivity." Zhai Jingli said

the Jinguang Rudong high-end household paper industrial base located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province is the first intelligent manufacturing upgrading project of Jinguang group app (China) adopting the production concept of "industry 4.0 + artificial intelligence". After completion, the plant will become the largest high-end household paper base in China, open up the upstream, middle and downstream hubs of the paper industry, and realize the integrated development of the industrial chain

in the context of building a new development pattern in China, app (China) of golden light group is also building its own enterprise "double cycle". "Indonesia is an important city of the the Belt and Road initiative. On the basis of the 13th five year plan, we have actually achieved both international and domestic markets. The the Belt and Road is not only a regional concept, but also a broad economic concept. We hope that through the the Belt and Road, we can continue to improve the 'double cycle' of enterprises."

as the "three old" of China International Import Expo, app of golden light group will also continue to "prepare" for the fourth China International Import Expo. "The China International Fair is an important platform for China to actively open its market to the world. We believe that it will provide lasting performance characteristics and more sustainable environmental protection characteristics, and become a window to build a 'double cycle' pattern. For Indonesian overseas Chinese enterprises, which have continued to cultivate China for nearly 30 years, the following is the processing technology advice of ultra-low emission plastic plastic cleanable Tm: a so the design of fixtures is relatively simple. For PP, the China International Fair is a 'China opportunity' that cannot be missed ’。” Zhai Jingli emphasized

during the 14th Five Year Plan period, innovation was the key word of China's modernization drive. Zhai Jingli said that in the future, app (China) of Jinguang group will also further improve its innovation ability, focus on cross-border innovation, go beyond the boundaries of existing industries and business models, and realize the industrial upgrading concept of "Forest Pulp paper integration" and "cellulose fiber integration"

Zhai Jingli said that with the support of policies, in the future, app of golden light group (China) will have greater layout and breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing, product research and development, service value-added, responding to China's "the Belt and Road" initiative, and realizing resource complementarity among countries along the route

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