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Design of packaging pattern

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in the packaging and printing design, the packaging pattern also needs to have certain precautions. Today, China paper takes you into the packaging pattern and introduces the relevant content in detail

1. Products should have inspection certificates

2. Product name, factory name and address marked in Chinese. Imported products sold in the domestic market must have Chinese marks

3. According to the characteristics and use requirements of the product, the specification and grade of the product should be marked, and the name and content of the main ingredients should be marked with 264.8

4. The production date or expiration date shall be indicated for the products to be used within a time limit, and the production date, shelf life or storage period must be indicated for the packaged food

5. Warning signs or warning instructions in Chinese shall be provided for products that are easy to cause damage to the product itself or may endanger personal and property safety

6. The trademark that has been approved and registered by the industry and Commerce Department is marked with R (register) or "note"

7. If a patent has been granted by the patent department, it can be noted on the product

8. The manufacturer shall indicate the code, number and name of the implemented standard on the package (product or its description)

if there are still relevant questions that need to be consulted, you can contact our customer service staff. 9. Products that have obtained relevant national quality certification can use the corresponding safety or certificate marks on the packaging

another thing worth mentioning is the barcode on the package. It marks all the commodity information such as the country name, manufacturer and commodity name, and is called the "ID card" of commodities. Now, the State Bureau of technical supervision clearly stipulates that all commodities entering the market must be bar coded

different countries in the world have different packaging. 5. The situation and size definition of mold gating system

United States: packaging is the use of appropriate materials, containers and technology, so that products can safely reach their destination - at each stage of the product delivery process, no matter what kind of external impact, its contents can be protected without affecting the value of the product

Japanese industrial standard specification [jisz1010 (1951):] the so-called packaging refers to the state in which articles are wrapped with appropriate materials, containers and packaging technology in order to protect their value and original state during transportation and storage

China: packaging is the general name of containers, materials and accessories used in a certain way to protect products in the process of circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales

based on the above concepts, it can be seen that the main purpose of packaging is to protect commodities and maintain the competitiveness of the market, and it will further improve the holding value, which involves the selection of packaging materials, packaging methods, protective measures, packaging decoration and so on

the design method of packaging pattern requires consumers to be impressed by its simple lines, vivid personality characters, and reasonable colors. Take the Royal Salute 21 in Scotch Whisky as an example. The wine is carefully brewed for 21 years. It is packed in blue, red and green Royal refined porcelain bottles. The bottle is engraved with the image of a knight with a sword and a horse, and there are two salutes on the brand trademark pattern. It is equipped with the identification certificate of 21 years of wine age issued by the Scottish whisky Association. The whole package looks elegant and rich. So that some people carefully collect the wine bottle after drinking

the taboo of packaging pattern design is also a noteworthy problem. Different countries and regions have different customs and values, so they have their own favorite and taboo patterns. Only by adapting to these can the packaging of products win the recognition of the local market. The taboos of packaging pattern design can be divided into people, animals, plants and geometric taboos. I won't go into details here

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