21 cases of sharing creative business card design

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21 cases of sharing creative business card design

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core tip: 3D design with business cards actually adds another dimension to business card design; This is interesting, unexpected, and will leave a lasting impression on the audience (what is more creative than this?!)

physical business cards also play a very important role. Here we provide you with 21 influential creative business card designs

in 2019, most of the company's businesses may be realized in the digital space. However, this and relevant parameter setting does not mean that physical printing is an invalid way, which can still meet some business needs. Is there a business asset that will never go out of date? That is the physical business card

now, technically speaking, when you meet a potential customer, customer or colleague, you just need to exchange numbers and scan. But a few months later, when they look again, do you think it's possible to remember who you are? Almost impossible

exchanging physical business cards is a good way to make business partners leave a lasting impression on your company. Because it strengthens the brand, allows you to maintain the clarity of your brain memory, and helps people remember who you are and what business your company does

but not all business cards are a fixed pattern. If you want to make an impressive business card - and achieve the real effect you want in the process - you need to make the business card creative

let's take a look at some of the most creative trends in business card design (and how to create a unique image for yourself and the company):

interesting font layout

the whole meaning of business cards is to share and spread company information, whether it's brand name, office address, or personal contact information. In order to do this, there must be text on the business card

but for some business cards, typesetting is not only a way to convey key information - it is also an art

why do you say this:

font centered business cards - whether customized fonts, interesting layouts, or unique typography levels - are a good way to ensure that key information leaves a lasting impression (which is the full meaning of business cards)


when it comes to design, less is more - adopting a simple way on business cards is more influential than trying to apply too many elements in design

by the way, the "minimize" wood tensile and compressive strength tester is mainly applicable to the tensile strength, compressive strength, bending, bonding strength, static bending strength, elastic modulus and other performance tests of wood and man-made panels, and the effect will never be bad because of few elements. It still has many creative ways to try (such as unexpected color combinations or text layouts) without going too far in design


the concise and simple style gives people a feeling of exquisite Huafeng spandex with an existing spandex capacity of 57000 tons. Integrating this style into business card design is also true for the company. This is eternal and classic. If you want the brand to get such a view in the market, you can use the simple business card design method

contrary to minimalism, business card "maximization"

minimalism is really great. As we said, sometimes the less the better

but the reverse is also true. Sometimes, the more the better - use bold and bright elements (whether bright colors, interesting graphics, or complex details) to design business cards - especially if you are a company in the creative industry

why do you do this:

the purpose of a business card is to make others remember you. What is more impressive than making a business card with eye-catching design? In the following example, we will see how to use colors, textures, fonts and even LEDs to make a lasting impression

3d creative business card

if you want to inject additional fun and creative elements into business card design, 3D is a good method

speaking of 3D business card design, you have many choices. You can add subtle 3D textures (such as a raised logo or textured business card) to the design, design the business card into a collapsible 3D shape, or make the business card a movable 3D artwork


using business cards for 3D design actually adds another dimension to business card design; This is interesting, unexpected, and will leave a lasting impression on the audience (what is more creative than this?!)

business cards based on photos

speaking of leaving a mark on business cards, what is one of the most influential things you can do? Add photos, of course


using a photo (whether it's your own photo, product photo, or a photo related to your business) to design business cards can make them easier to remember and visually interesting - which will also make them more likely to play their due role


for many people, too much text layout is unacceptable - adding a photo can help business cards establish contact with more vivid people. In addition, if you use a personal photo, when others see the photo of the business card (whether it's your face or the picture of the product), immediately match the name with the picture, which will make it easier for people to remember who you are clearly

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