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Low voltage impact detonator design

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... A total of 13 pages, prepared in July 2011. Impact rolling route map impact rolling route schematic diagram subgrade impact rolling settlement observation section


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fire detonator: the initiation of the fire detonator is triggered by the tail flame spark of the ignited fuse when it is about to burn out, and its structure is shown in the figure. Detonators

published in 2018, independent brands are facing a strong impact from foreign brands -

(1) the total resistance of two iron pin wires: constantan bridge wire detonators are not greater than 4 ω; Nickel bridge wire detonator not greater than 6.3 ω; (2) Resistance grouping range

Jinan testing machine operating procedures are published in

unless otherwise agreed between the manufacturer and the buyer, the waveform of the impulse test voltage should be (1.2 ~ 5)/50. Generally, the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is only equipped with fixtures for standard samples μ s. The peak values are shown in Table 3. In connection, in one

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source: the specific information of Zhulong community is subject to the official. The 2018 registered first-class constructor examination will be held on September 15 and 16. Below is a summary of the latest registration time and registration conditions of all provinces and cities! Beijing registration time: "old candidates": July 10 to July 30, 2018

published in 1950

the 2018 first construction examination outline has been comprehensively revised! One of the most remarkable is the addition of Bim and assembly assessment! Is the relationship between Yijian and BIM so close? What are the new contents of Bim in this year's one ≤ 500mm 1 construction examination? Come and have a look with Xiaozhi! Changes in the new textbook of the first construction in 2018:

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