Analysis of the reason why the most fire valve tap

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Analysis of the reasons why the valve tappet does not rotate

when the valve tappet works, it produces lateral friction with the cam width on its bottom surface and causes lateral force. To avoid wear between one side of tappet and guide hole, Eliminate uneven wear of bottom cam "In terms of structure, measures are taken to make tappets rotate. Their center line deviates from the center line of cam width, which can fully meet the requirements of various temperature control indicators specified in national standards. When the cam rotates, J gives the tappet a rotating torque and makes it rotate around its own axis. Because the tappet does not transfer, it causes bottom surface strain, galling, fatigue pitting, wear, etc.

1. Cause of failure

1) spherical tappet bottom surface and conical cam With the work, when the highest point of the ball fixation makes the construction difficult, it is easy to cause the tappet not to rotate when it deviates too much from the center

2) the guide hole of valve tappet is worn or the fitting clearance is too large "It will cause insufficient distance between the center line of the tappet and the center of the cam surface. In the process of the cam pushing the tappet to rise, the moment is not too large due to the small eccentricity, so it is difficult to make the tappet rotate.

3) the inclination of the cam is unqualified. When the tappet is still not rotated after replacement, it is often caused by the out of tolerance of the tappet hole verticality.

2 the bridge pier and the bridge are soft. Fault 4. place the cleaned samples neatly in the sample basket in order and put them safely." Cooling tank repair

if the bottom surface is spherical, The current repair does not have regrinding technology. "Therefore, replacing new parts is a fast and economical method. But before replacing new parts, it is necessary to find out the cause of the fault and avoid the phenomenon that the new parts still cannot rotate after changing the main part.

1) for those who do not rotate the tappets, the tappets can be adjusted and replaced, (or the tappets can be exchanged between them) until they all rotate.

2) the inclination of the cam is insufficient, and the dial indicator can be used to check the conditional repairable parts on the platform, otherwise the new parts should be replaced

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