Analysis of the security products used in the spac

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Analysis of security products used in Shenjiu astronauts' spacesuit equipment

"Shenjiu" spacecraft is scheduled to launch at 18:37 on the 16th. On the afternoon of June 15, three astronauts of "Shenzhou IX" appeared in their spacesuits. Space suits are not simple clothes. In essence, they are astronauts' personal protective systems and personal airtight equipment to ensure astronauts' life activities and working ability. With the development of space industry, astronauts now use the fourth generation space suits. So, what functions can this equipment achieve, and what kind of secret weapons does it have? Let's uncover their mysteries

analysis of security products used in Shenjiu astronauts' spacesuit equipment


face windows have a total of four layers, of which high-purity nitrogen will be filled between the two pressurization structures. There is also a protective window outside, and the outer layer is a filter window, which has a very low refractive index to the sunlight. Once the astronauts face the high-intensity light, they can pull down this layer of window


the "flying" helmet is also equipped with a camera, which can take pictures of the astronauts' extravehicular operations

gloves touch

gloves have only a layer of air tight layer at the fingertips, and eventually developed a technology leading Good materials that fully meet the needs of customers can maintain touch. These gloves are divided into different models. During manufacturing, the hand data of 14 people are used to make gloves suitable for Asians, which are divided into size and size. Its sensitivity can help astronauts grasp something 25 mm thick and thin like a pencil due to such a relatively conservative treatment

there are Chinese characters on the right arm

the left arm of the space suit is printed with a bright red national flag, and the right arm is printed with the Chinese character "Feitian", "Feitian" is the first generation of extravehicular space suit developed by China, The overall design and the design and assembly of each component are completed independently. The two safety hooks on the space suit are very important for this mission. The degradable high molecular materials on these two hooks not only perform well in the mechanical properties of the whole honeycomb structure: the acoustic performance and thermal insulation of the honeycomb structure also have advantages in many other uses. In the process of degradation, ropes with good compatibility are needed, one long and one short, one 3 meters, one 1 meter. When astronauts leave the capsule, the hook can play a role of safety protection, so that astronauts do not leave the capsule

extravehicular space suit

each set of "Feitian" extravehicular space suit independently developed by China weighs 120 kg, costs about 30million yuan, has a reliability coefficient of 0.997, can work in the space environment for 4 hours, and has the functions of environmental control, life support and extravehicular communication

gas liquid platform

adjacent to the electric control console is the air flow console, which controls the core components of the clothing gas circuit and liquid circuit system. There are more than 20 valves in it to ensure normal and emergency oxygen supply, switch the main and standby oxygen cylinders and gas pressure main and standby facilities

communication headgear

generally speaking, it plays the role of interphone. Provide astronauts with pressure suits to talk during spacecraft launch, orbital pressure emergency and return. At the same time, it has a good function of protecting astronauts' auditory organs from noise hazards. The communication headgear is composed of anti noise ear muffs, sturdy and durable transmitters, command hoods with a shape structure and voice amplifiers that ensure audible sound pressure levels

pressure gloves

pressure gloves worn by astronauts, wrist disconnectors and comfortable gloves. Among them, the pressure gloves are composed of a palm limiting component used to bear the palm tension and limit the swelling of the palm after pressure, and a palm finger pressure glove formed by soaking both sides of the fabric gloves in natural latex to use the wrist joint. Wrist disconnect and comfortable gloves have their special functions

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