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The anti-counterfeiting logo has been counterfeited - an analysis of its causes and solutions

editor's note: Recently, Japan has continued to report that the "Yangcheng Lake hairy crab" has been counterfeited. The counterfeiting means is an amazing "fake crab really do": as long as you pay a few yuan, it is not the crab growing in Yangcheng Lake, and the back shell can also be printed with the word "Yangcheng Lake" with a laser, which is impossible to distinguish the authenticity, making it impossible for sellers and consumers to prevent it

fake goods with anti-counterfeiting labels sell better

recently, in the crackdown on many products using digital anti-counterfeiting, it was found that counterfeiters specially collected the digital anti-counterfeiting labels on the old packages that were not queried from all over the country, and then sold the digital anti-counterfeiting labels to criminals specializing in the production of fake digital anti-counterfeiting labels. Counterfeiters use each anti-counterfeiting number to copy several logos and sell them to different people. The digital anti-counterfeiting logos obtained by each buyer are not duplicated. Sellers of fake goods generally encourage users to make inquiries to confirm that the goods are genuine. "Fake goods with digital anti-counterfeiting signs sell better", and the sellers are even "justifiable"

when inspecting the market, law enforcement officers found that most of the counterfeit and shoddy goods seized had anti-counterfeiting marks, and some of the marks were imitated vividly, making it difficult to distinguish between true and false. Therefore, they adjusted the plan and focused the inspection on the products with anti-counterfeiting marks

a public opinion survey shows that most people think the anti-counterfeiting signs are untrustworthy. When asked whether they will see the anti-counterfeiting signs, most people say they will not. A consumer said to him, "I used to think that products with anti-counterfeiting labels can't be fake and can be bought at ease, but now it's different. This fake thing can also be pasted with anti-counterfeiting labels, not only fake anti-counterfeiting labels, but also real ones."

the national anti-counterfeiting symposium held not long ago focused on the issue of "promoting anti-counterfeiting technology, stopping fake and shoddy products from flowing into the market at the source, and making consumers feel at ease in shopping". It is believed that the anti-counterfeiting logo of products is still one of the most important standards to distinguish between true and false. However, driven by interests, counterfeiters continue to change their methods to imitate anti-counterfeiting labels, confuse fake products with real ones, and pretend to be famous brand products to seize the market. Even some effective anti-counterfeiting technologies and their labels that are on the market at home and abroad have also been imitated, or the real anti-counterfeiting labels can be used for food packaging materials and surgical sutures in medical treatment, which fall into the hands of counterfeiters through various illegal channels, so that the counterfeits are pasted with real anti-counterfeiting labels, Consumers are even more difficult to distinguish the authenticity. This is the "fist" of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting. How can it become the "amulet" of counterfeiters

consumers and businesses become the main victims

the counterfeiting of anti-counterfeiting signs has brought great harm to the society. The first impact is naturally the interests of consumers, but at the same time, businesses have also suffered a great impact. This kind of "double deception" counterfeiting disturbs the order of the socialist market economy. Enterprises have to spend a lot of effort to prevent counterfeiting and have to crack down on counterfeiting at all levels

Liu Meimei, Deputy Secretary General of China anti counterfeiting technology association, said that counterfeiting of anti-counterfeiting marks is more common in civil products, especially in recent years, with the rapid development of China's market economy, civil products are increasingly abundant, but it also brings another hidden danger, that is, the existence of counterfeiting. Because the content of anti-counterfeiting logo technology commonly used on civil products is relatively low, the problem is relatively large, and it is easy for criminals to copy. These enterprises that produce civil products mostly invest little in protecting the anti-counterfeiting marks of their products, and counterfeiters can forge the anti-counterfeiting marks of the products "easily". From commodity counterfeiting to anti-counterfeiting, good and evil people are mixed in the market, and it is difficult for customers to distinguish their true colors

there have even been such things. It is reported that the woolen sweaters of a clothing factory sell well in the market, but the company did not make anti-counterfeiting marks for this kind of woolen sweaters, so criminals took advantage of this to "make anti-counterfeiting marks for" the factory. When they are used on the packaging of fake woolen sweaters, customers naturally believe in the products with anti-counterfeiting marks, which makes the fake products come true. Some counterfeiters even buy a certain number of genuine goods, open or detect the query number with instruments, and then produce the same number of fake products, sell the fake goods, and then return the genuine goods to the manufacturer

Liu Meimei said that most of the civil goods impacted by fake anti-counterfeiting marks are famous and high-quality products in the market, and most of the production enterprises are local large profits and taxes. Serious counterfeiting has brought huge losses to these enterprises: first, the direct loss of sales and profits; Second, the reputation of enterprises and products has been lost; Third, in order to protect and investigate, enterprises are involved in litigation and the cost losses caused by the crackdown on counterfeits; Fourth, it has seriously dispersed the energy of the enterprise

how to prevent counterfeiting on earth

whether an anti-counterfeiting logo can be effectively used depends on the following conditions: first, the technology is advanced and will not be forged for a period of time; Second, it should have technical exclusivity, which can effectively prevent outward diffusion and avoid imitation; Third, it should be easy to detect technology, which can be easily detected by customers, and it is best to identify it with the naked eye; Fourth, the risk of enterprises using anti-counterfeiting products is zero; Fifth, the risk of consumers buying products is zero, and they will not bear any costs. Now, some anti-counterfeiting technologies are not convenient for consumers to identify, but also require consumers to bear certain costs. If such technology is allowed to continue to expand its application and products continue to flow into the market, it will only aggravate the chaos of the anti-counterfeiting market and mislead consumers. At the same time, it will make the anti-counterfeiting that has been discredited by the people even worse

consumers don't believe in anti-counterfeiting signs because there are still some problems in China's anti-counterfeiting technology and management, and anti-counterfeiting signs can't play an effective role. First, fake anti-counterfeiting. Some companies that produce anti-counterfeiting products provide the same anti-counterfeiting marks for genuine and fake products, and even make fake marks. As long as the merchant gives him money, these companies will make anti-counterfeiting signs for you, whatever you want to do; Second, it is difficult to prevent counterfeiting. The anti-counterfeiting logo technology they produce is very low, which is not easy to be recognized by consumers, but easy to be used by criminals. Third, there is no anti-counterfeiting. The enterprises that produce anti-counterfeiting marks are unqualified in product quality, and the anti-counterfeiting products they produce do not work at all. It is completely a small number of anti-counterfeiting production enterprises that have not been approved by the relevant state departments. Driven by economic interests, they know and help the fake, and act maliciously. The anti-counterfeiting logo products that enter the market through this way are indeed real anti-counterfeiting logos, but the use of real anti-counterfeiting logos on fake goods is tantamount to putting a "legal coat" on fake goods, and this harm and loss is even more incalculable

the main reasons for the above problems are as follows: first, the capital investment is still insufficient. Some well-known enterprises have obviously insufficient investment in anti-counterfeiting. Anti counterfeiting technology belongs to interdisciplinary technology, and the development cycle of high-level technology is long and difficult, which requires large investment. Second, the unified management and coordination of domestic anti-counterfeiting work is not clear enough. Many of them are fighting on their own and do not form a joint force. Third, the anti-counterfeiting technology has leakage. Some technologies have a certain anti-counterfeiting effect, but they have lost their due role due to leakage. Fourth, the anti-counterfeiting product market itself is still somewhat chaotic. According to the survey, there are more than 30 laser anti-counterfeiting products enterprises on a hundreds of meters long street in a certain place in Zhejiang. Fifth, the anti-counterfeiting technology is single. This limits the improvement of anti-counterfeiting performance of anti-counterfeiting products and increases the risk of being forged

three rely on technology and seven rely on management

how to make the anti-counterfeiting product market develop well, so that enterprises can truly achieve assured consumption, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China announced the "supervision measures for product anti-counterfeiting", which has been officially implemented since December 1 last year. The new supervision measures mainly emphasize three points, namely "compulsory review", "license system" and "user filing". For technology, anti-counterfeiting technology products must be reviewed by the state before they can be publicly promoted; Previously, a voluntary evaluation system was adopted. The license system is aimed at anti-counterfeiting enterprises. When the country gradually relaxes and cancels the license system, anti-counterfeiting enterprises are included in the management scope of the license system, which reflects the importance the country attaches to the anti-counterfeiting industry; For users, it is the filing system. All enterprises that adopt anti-counterfeiting technology must file with the local quality inspection department

with the corresponding normative order, how should we make technical efforts

Yao Liangjun, vice president of the China anti counterfeiting technology association, believes that the most fundamental thing to do this work well is to strengthen the research of anti-counterfeiting technology, increase the investment of funds, and develop more sophisticated anti-counterfeiting technology, so as to continuously improve the technical content of China's anti-counterfeiting products, and make the anti-counterfeiting technology change within a certain period of time, so that criminals can't keep up with the update of anti-counterfeiting technology, Minimize opportunities for criminals to cheat

now, a variety of new anti-counterfeiting technologies are emerging, such as network information anti-counterfeiting, nuclear track anti-counterfeiting, photopolymer anti-counterfeiting, etc., but these are high-tech anti-counterfeiting and have not been well applied, so we need to constantly develop new practical technologies. Yao Liangjun said that the anti-counterfeiting industry is an interdisciplinary marginal special industry. Its products are different from general commodities, and the technology used is in the dilemma of confidentiality and public publicity. Whether the anti-counterfeiting technology and its products can play a role and the size of its role mainly depends on management. We should ask management for the social benefits of anti-counterfeiting technology. Technology is the foundation, management is the key, and law is the guarantee. Strengthen scientific management, so that anti-counterfeiting technology can better serve the society and serve the market when the force measuring pointer rotates at a constant speed. "In the anti-counterfeiting technology industry, there is a saying called 'three depends on technology and seven depends on management', which shows the importance of management in the development of anti-counterfeiting technology." Yao Liangjun said

Yao Liangjun proposed that in the application of anti-counterfeiting technology, we should closely combine the application of anti-counterfeiting technology with publicity, the application of anti-counterfeiting technology with consumer identification of authenticity, the application of anti-counterfeiting technology with the identification of authenticity by law enforcement departments in the fight against counterfeiting, and do more work to compare fake anti-counterfeiting signs with real anti-counterfeiting signs. In addition, in addition to using high-tech to make anti-counterfeiting signs and strengthening the management of the production and application of anti-counterfeiting signs, we should strengthen the crackdown and punishment in the corresponding laws and regulations, so that counterfeiters do not dare to defy the law. And it is very important to constantly establish and improve the corresponding laws and regulations, strengthen the training of anti-counterfeiting technology professionals, and strengthen international exchanges

there may be bribery registration in the management, and some counterfeiting enterprises can also register in the anti-counterfeiting technology management department through bribery, which should be firmly checked. Some experts also mentioned that in order to achieve the automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature output of samples, it is necessary to speed up the formulation of registration, evaluation and supervision regulations and regulations for anti-counterfeiting enterprises, represented by engineer Yang Yunan, a key scientific research expert

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