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Analysis of the relationship between optimal selection of wind power generation equipment and electricity price

Li Hao 1, Zheng Heng 2, he Guofeng 3

(1. Guangdong Yuedian Asset Management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, Guangdong 510008;

2. Guangdong hydropower machinery plant, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510500;

3. Guangdong electric power technology improvement company, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510160)

1 the development of wind power generation

with the increasing scarcity of fossil energy and the deterioration of the global environment, The development of renewable and clean energy has become a national goal. We need to check that the exhaust and suction pressures of low-temperature compressors of all refrigeration units are higher than the normal value, which deviates from the energy target. Countries around the world encourage the development of wind power generation. China is rich in wind energy resources, and the total amount of wind energy resources that can be developed and utilized is 253 GW. However, due to the high investment in the construction of wind power generation itself, the electricity price is high, affecting the enthusiasm of investors and power departments. At present, the unit cost of wind power generation in the world is about 1000 US dollars/kW, while China's large capacity wind turbine equipment is mainly imported, and 60% - 70% of the investment in the construction of wind farms is in wind turbine equipment. In recent years, the unit cost of wind power generation in China is about 8000 ~ 9000 yuan/kW, which is 2 ~ 2.5 times that of coal-fired thermal power generation

the selection of wind power generation equipment will not only affect the construction cost, but also affect the power generation and operation cost after putting into operation, and ultimately affect the electricity price. Therefore, in the design and construction of wind farm, the selection of wind turbine (hereinafter referred to as wind turbine) is very important

2 analysis of optimization selection factors

2.1 principle of performance price ratio

the "optimal performance price ratio" of fans is always an important principle for project equipment selection decision-making

2.1.1 influence of the single unit capacity of wind turbines

among various models with a single unit capacity of 0.25 MW to 2.5 MW, the cost per kilowatt please inform each other that it shows a U-shaped trend with the change of single unit capacity. At present, the cost per kilowatt of 600 kW wind turbines is at the lowest point of the U-shaped curve. With the increase or decrease of unit capacity, the cost per kilowatt will increase to a certain extent. If it is larger than 600 kW, the diameter of the wind turbine, the height of the tower and the weight of the equipment will increase. The increase of the diameter of the wind turbine and the height of the tower will cause the increase of the fatigue load and limit load of the fan. There should be a specially reinforced design, and the control mode of the fan should also be adjusted accordingly, resulting in the increase of the cost per kilowatt. It is understood that under the current 1.3 m, we will learn that the common w wind turbine that meets the standard of the light industry is not very mature. After selecting the 1.3 MW wind turbine, it took more than 4 months for a wind farm to debug only. After being put into operation, the power generation and equipment availability are not ideal, and there are many faults

2.1.2 relevant factors to be considered in selecting the model a) considering the conditions and costs of transportation and hoisting

1.3 MW fan requires a crane with a nominal load of 3 Mn, with a blade length of 29 m, and the transportation cost is quite high. See Table 1 for relevant data. Due to the large requirements for transportation transition radius, there are high requirements for the road width and surrounding obstacles at the project site. The greater the lifting weight, the higher the requirements for bridges and roads when the crane itself moves, and the rent is more expensive

b) the maintenance cost of megawatt fan is high

once the parts are damaged, a strong professional installation team and hoisting equipment are required. Replacing the parts and contacting the crane will cause a long power outage. The larger the capacity of a single machine, the greater the impact of unit power failure

c) under the current situation, the technical conditions and equipment of the operation and maintenance personnel required for the selection of megawatt fans are correspondingly high, and there is a certain degree of difficulty

d) at present, the mainstream model of MW level has not been formed in China, and the supply of parts and components required for selecting MW fan is also difficult, so it is difficult to solve the problem of spare parts in the future

2.1.3 comprehensive analysis of 1.3 MW unit in a wind farm a) a lot of oil stains on the tower during operation, serious oil leakage of the unit, frequent shutdown of the unit due to high temperature of motor and gearbox during strong wind, low availability of the unit and unsatisfactory economic benefits

b) installation

it has taken several months from the installation of the project to concurrent power supply, and there are many problems. The installation of the unit completely depends on foreign parties, and there is no operation, maintenance and installation personnel with this experience in China

c) transportation

the blade length is nearly 30 m, and the blade is carried to the site by two flatbed trucks. 1 Main machine maintenance of plastic tensile testing machine: very difficult

2.1.4 background differences

the land area in Europe is limited, and the government has clear policy support to encourage wind turbine projects with large single unit capacity. The trend of foreign wind power market is to develop offshore wind farms, so the development of large-scale wind turbines is encouraged. The European industrial manufacturing foundation, wind power technology service foundation and financial environment can support the long-term stable operation of large-scale wind turbines. Transportation and hoisting capacity can support the market action of large-scale wind turbine. European manufacturers are well aware that the performance price ratio of megawatt wind turbines is not as good as that of 600 kW wind turbines. For models above 600 kW, the cost per kilowatt will not be reduced due to the increase of single unit capacity. However, due to its different background conditions, large-scale fans are still developing rapidly, so it is necessary to pay attention to the difference of background in different situations and at different times

2.2 power generation cost factor

unit power generation cost C is the sum of construction investment cost C1 and operation and maintenance cost C2, that is,

where: F - fan capacity coefficient

q - unit investment

t -- investment payback time

r -- annual interest rate of loan

m - annual operation and maintenance cost and wind farm investment ratio

the operation of wind turbines is restricted by natural conditions, and it is impossible to achieve full operation, that is, the capacity coefficient is always less than 1. Therefore, in the process of model selection, the model with the most power generation is the best under the same wind resources. Primary energy of wind power generation

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