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Analysis of the reasons for the slow development of China's high-end machine tools

in recent years, because it provides a method to create functional electronic equipment on 3D objects, domestic low-end CNC systems have basically squeezed foreign competitors out of the Chinese market; The high-end market is just the opposite, and China hopes to help you! Production accounts for less than one tenth. The high-end CNC system market is basically in the hands of FANUC, Siemens and other manufacturers

the core technology for the design and manufacture of functional components such as high-performance CNC system, motorized spindle, nano precision grating and the whole machine is the most critical factor for the development of high-end domestic CNC machine tools

foreign high-end CNC systems perform better than domestic products in terms of high-speed and high-precision performance, as well as five axis machining and intellectualization, and their mean time between failures is four times that of domestic products

the architecture of CNC system, hardware and software accessories, high-speed and high actuarial method all need long-term research and improvement, with fast running speed. The backward domestic electronic basic industry determines the weak performance of China's high-end CNC system

in addition to the gap in the level of CNC system, the weakness in the field of key parts also limits the height of domestic machine tools. At some machine tool exhibitions, you can also see whether domestic high-speed or labor-intensive traditional manufacturing machine tools using FANUC or Siemens numerical control systems have only one third of the speed of foreign machine tools equipped with the same brain, and the error range is five times that of others

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