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Hucai group: application innovation helps digital personalized printing

for the printing industry, digital printing means a new era, a subversive change and the development trend of the market. The advantages of digital printing are obvious, but there is no relevant precedent for enterprises to learn from. Everything needs to be explored slowly from scratch. For more than two years since entering the digital Photocopying industry, Tiger color group has used the treasure book created by more than 20 years of experience in the traditional printing field to develop the digital printing market through innovation

prepress design: make it easier for customers

digital printing eliminates the plate making process and highlights the importance of design and process. For this reason, Tiger color has highlighted its individuality in the prepress plate. 8. Deformation measurement: it is equipped with the design of American precision long displacement digital large deformation measurement device and the concept of focusing on experience: let every customer become the designer of their own products and make each product unique in design and significance

in combination with the current popular shopping mode, Tiger color group has developed an exclusive station Tiger color mall, which integrates product sales, production, brand promotion and other sectors. From registration to order payment, the operation is easy to understand and takes a short time. Especially in the production and design process, the fool type integrated operation is adopted. Customers can directly apply the designed template. Through the use of personalized elements (such as picture cutting and layout, primary color and lighting, personalized text, etc.), customers can let everyone know that satisfactory and personalized products can also be obtained through simple and convenient operation

such a highly personalized product highlights the personalized creative advantages of digital printing to the greatest extent, which can not only greatly save the development and design costs, but also make customers happy and make the product more attractive. This is also one of the links for Tiger color to practice experiential consumption

material selection: occupy the market with multiple positioning

since its inception, Tiger color group has accumulated a lot in printing technology. Using these machines for some materials can not only recycle the failed works and excess wires for digital printing, but also is a crucial innovation. Through a series of experiments and printing, Hucai group has selected excellent materials suitable for digital printing, including double copper paper, fine grain paper, metal paper, etc. according to different positioning

double copper paper is used for low-end positioning. Double copper paper is widely used in the printing industry. It is a high-grade printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. The products made of this kind of materials have low prices and are easy to develop low-end customer channels

fine grain paper is used for middle end positioning and special products. Fine grained paper is a kind of raw material widely used in high-end packaging by Tiger color group. The paper has been specially embossed to present a more hierarchical image. It has the following characteristics: it has special lines and lines, showing vitality; Soft feel, very suitable for special design; The printing color is saturated, giving people a unique feeling of elegance and delicacy; Fresh and elegant, excellent printing adaptability

metal paper is used for high-end positioning. Metal paper has not been used in personalized products such as photo albums before. Tiger color group successfully applied the paper to digital printing through R & D practice. Metal paper prints are highly ornamental. The overall product presents metal texture, giving customers a unique feeling. It is used in conjunction with the bronzing process to give customers a sense of elegance as a whole. The high presentation effect of metal paper makes it a sharp sword to develop high-end market channels

with different printing materials as carriers, Tiger color group has successfully developed products with multiple price ranges and consumption options. Enter from three channels at the same time, and quickly occupy the market

post press process: Polish and improve products

in the post press process, Tiger color takes the lead in using the process technology of bronzing, silk screen printing, oiling and gluing on digital printing products

bronzing: as a printing and decoration process, bronzing heats the metal plate, applies foil, and embosses golden words or patterns on the printed matter. This process can be combined with personalized products such as photos to complement each other and form a unique selling point

silk screen printing: the printing plate is in shape, and the plate forms two parts: through holes and through holes. During printing, the ink misses printing on the substrate from the through holes of the plate under the extrusion of the scraping plate

over oiling: Generally speaking, over oiling refers to over polished oil. The polish can increase the gloss of the product surface, increase the reflective effect, and make the product look more high-grade; The varnish can also protect the ink on the surface and prevent the ink on the surface from being easily wiped off

over gluing: the process of adsorbing the surfaces of two clean, smooth and consistent optical parts with slight pressure without adhesive. This product is more environmentally friendly and has a longer service life

through the innovative use of different processes and materials, Tiger color strives to create a multi-level high-quality product. At present, the digital printing of Tiger color has been launched in many first-line wedding photography companies, and many customers are also attracted by the unique process of Tiger color printing

as mentioned above, digital printing is the trend of the printing industry, and this process will gradually be accepted by the market and consumers

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